Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring the Gigi's Kitchen blog! It is truly an amazing experience to see my blog grow bigger and bigger every day! This is a lifestyle blog with a strong focus on beauty, cosmetics, cooking and other things going on in my every day life. I love to support small businesses and blogs that are working on promoting their own growth (from facebook, businesses, to other bloggers much like myself) I am happy to stand behind larger companies based in beauty and cooking and other common interests as well. Please keep in mind that: If  am going to write about a product or business I will need to make sure that I myself love it before promoting it! That being said, I try to solely promote brands, businesses and products that fit my personal style and the environment of this blog. I now have a growing community ("likes", followers, subscribers etc) on pinterest, twitter, instagram- gigi_katz and facebook  so it can be great exposure for you and help your growth!

I do offer a few different advertising options for those interested:

Prices subject to change along with the growth of this blog

-Sidebar ad sized 150x150 or a little larger that links to your website/page these ads or placed in the sidebar of my blog at the beginning of each month and removed at the end of the month for a monthly rate. 

-Or a more permanent ad of the same size that will be up for a full year at the yearly rate.

-A promotional post discussing your brand, company, website, page or service for a one time fee.

-If you have a specific product that you would like me to talk about or review please contact me with your product information and details. 

-I also do free of cost partnerships of specific style. Contact me for more information on that. 

Feel free to promote or share Gigi's Kitchen by tweeting, pinning or posting my pictures anywhere you would like as long as you give all credits where it is due. 

Send an email to Gigi at  to get specific advertising prices or with any other sponsorship and advertising inquiries with a subject line of "advertising inquiry" so it doesn't get lost in my spam or inbox. 
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