My Turmeric Brown Rice Risotto Recipe ( from my food prep video )

Brown rice. Who would have thought this girl would even consider ingesting it? When I was a kid, I wouldn't have been bribed to touch the stuff. Maybe I'm growing up, maybe it was getting healthy that changed my taste buds, suddenly I'm all about it. I walked through a weekly food prep and what that looks like in one of my more recent youtube videos and this was one of the dishes prepared. If you were hoping to have a more in detail recipe on hand, here it is! It's one of my favorite cold weather winter dishes because to me it's like a big bowl of soup. Anyways, here's what you came for. The recipe at last. 

Just a couple of recipe notes here:

First of all, feel free to use a non dairy parmesan alternative. I am currently on the search for a kosher version that has the texture and taste of the real stuff as I am in the process of slowly trying to convert off of dairy. Regardless, fresh parmesan will be best and it's not difficult at all to grate on your own but if you don't have it on hand feel free to use the grated packaged kind. 

Next, I love the minute brown rice that boils in 10 minutes and can be microwaved because it's convenient for a busy foodie like me who wants to get food prep done within one hour.

And lastly, lets discuss chicken broth. I personally like the Imagine no chicken parve chicken broth but you can mix up some consomm√© if you prefer.  

 Turmeric Brown Rice Risotto 

Yields: 2 Adult Sized Portions


1 1/4 Cup Water
1 Cup of Brown Rice
1/2 Cup Parve Chicken Broth 
The Juice of Half a Fresh Lemon
1/2 Cup Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/4 Teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt, Sumac, Parsley & Cilantro
2 Tablespoons Turmeric Spice


1. Pour the water into a small pot and place over a medium flame on the stove top, once bubbling add the brown rice, stirring every couple of minutes. Cook for 10-12 minutes or until fluffed and cooked through.  I microwave on high for 10 minutes and stir every 2-3 minutes.

2. Add the chicken broth to the pot as well as the lemon juice. Stir and cook until reduced by half. 

3. Lower the heat and add the turmeric 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing as you go. Then add the sea salt and sumac and mix again. 

4. Pour in the parmesan cheese 1/4 cup at a time, stirring in until it incorporates and is melted in. 

5. Shut the heat and mix in a little parsley and cilantro. Once all combined pour into serving bowls and top with a bit of parsley and cilantro and even some parmesan cheese as well for garnish. 

6. Serve warm. This stays fresh in the fridge in a container for 3-4 days so it does make for a good food prep dish as well. 

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I really hope you will give my My Turmeric Brown Rice Risotto Recipe   a try! Don't forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what it was like if you do! Criticisms and advice are welcome too! And feel free to tag me on Instagram or post your photo on my facebook page as well. 

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