A Pearl Studded Boot Diy / How I Took A Basic Pair of Boots and Turned Them Glamorous (Video)

It's been a while since I've shared one of my little projects. Actually it's probably been a while since I partook in one at all. I came across a pair of boots with pearls all over them somewhere on Instagram and was immediately inspired. At first I thought I might buy that pair but then realized that I had a perfectly great black bootie sitting on the shelf in my closet that was getting barely any wear only for lack of inspiration. And then it hit me when I found these pearl rhinestone adhesives at my local dollar store and that's how these pearl studded booties came to be. I'm so excited with how this project turned out and I really hope you enjoy getting to see it too! This weeks video takes you step by step through the process of applying them to the boots- a very short and easy one as well, watch it here if you like or read until the end of the post where it will be inserted as always. 

Here's what you will need to do this project:

A pair of basic booties. Mine are these black ones from DSW: Journey Collection Ramsey Chelsea Boots in Black, Size 7- true to size. 

Pearl Rhinestones- 99 cent store. 

Once you decide you want it to be permanent you can use a hot glue gun or clear gorilla glue adhesive to stick them on. If you are unsure as I was at first then stick them on as they come and see how you feel about them. Within a couple of days they will begin to fall off unless you go ahead and glue them down stronger.  Use a q-tip to dot the gorilla glue onto the boot and then use a tweezer to secure the pearl adhesive into place. 

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