Gourmand 006 The Matcha Eau De Parfum

You know when you smell something and then you just can't get it out of your head and you just want to smell it again and smell it all day every day? I get into my scents like that. 

It was a little over a year ago that I walked into Urban Outfitters, and as I do whenever I see perfume samplers, I spritzed this Gourmand The Matcha Perfume and a couple of others sitting on display to see what I thought. I was instantly hooked and I really don't know why I didn't take this one home with me at the time. Other scents came and went and although I found several great ones, nothing was quite like this one. It just has something so different about it. Recently, I went back into the store and it was the first thing that went into my basket. I'm glad I finally have one of my own, it's truly a great scent. 

The notes listed for this scent on the Urban Outfitters website are green tea, citrus and white flowers but to me it smells like a mojito on the beach. It's not my typical scent either since I normally go for more musky deep scents over those light fruity, floral ones. 

I'm in love with the classy clear packaging with light minty toned liquid peeking through, labeled in white with a silver lid as well. But here's the thing, this small 1 oz. bottle was $18.00 which isn't expensive per say but also isn't cheap. That wouldn't annoy me too much, if the scent lasted more then an hour without completely disappearing. Because it's such a nice scent I want it to stick around for hours as my other favorite perfumes do. It is for that reason that I most likely won't purchase a second one when I run out. It's too bad really because I do love how it can transport me for a moment to a hot summer day on a beach towel next to the sea, with the wind in my hair and a cold drink in hand.  

I have to say I do particularly love Urban Outfitters in general but their beauty section is always spot on. Even though I'm a bit disappointed with how this scent wears throughout the day, I am still really glad I was able to find one when I went back, it was the last one on the shelf too. 

What's your favorite perfume of the moment?

Have you given this one a try? If you have, do you like it? If you haven't, do you want to?

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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