Magic Kingdom & Orlando Florida Trip with Kids, Our Experience & Recommendations

We've been in Magic Kingdom Theme Park located in Orlando, Florida twice. The first time was almost 5 years ago when my oldest was 2 and the second was this October with our now 7 year old and our 2 year old. 

You can easily spend a week at a hotel in Orlando and do the park in a few days or even visit a few different parks throughout the week. Because of our schedule, we stayed in Miami and drove back and forth for a day in the Magic Kingdom park. I personally love road trips and therefore this was actually the ideal way for us. We checked into a Sheraton just 15 minutes from the park where we would stay over night to then spend the entire next day at Magic Kingdom. The hotel was perfect. It had a master bedroom, living room area, mini fridge, and bunk beds which were great since we had my sister with us as well as a bathroom with shower and area to get ready with a full sized mirror. Our room looked out over the pool area. My favorite part about this hotel was the fact that they kept their pool open all day until 11 pm which meant we got to do night swimming, something I have always loved! There was a special section for the kids which had an umbrella sprinkler, small volleyball court and huge splash pool. The second pool was a deep end pool with a small tube water slide! I also very much enjoyed their gym in the morning which was packed with all of the best machines and equipment, you know I never skip a workout. So all in all, I would highly recommend that Sheraton which was also not far from the few Kosher restaurants in the area, one of which we stopped at for dinner. 

We headed out early to try and avoid the rush of tourists and park goers and when we arrived around 10 AM it wasn't overly packed yet and we actually found it fairly simple to park, get into the admissions area, scan our pre-purchased tickets, ride to the monorail and then directly into the park. The first thing we did was wait in the line to meet Mickey Mouse. This was the highlight of my older sons trip when he was younger, and being what a big fan my younger son now is, we wanted to give him that same experience. I love watching the reaction when they realize who they came to meet. I kind of wish we would have purchased the fast past though because waiting in line is treacherous. Luckily, I packed lots of peanut butter honey wheat sandwiches and frozen water bottles so everyone snacked on those in the meantime. I'd highly recommend getting yourself a portable fan/water spray because boy is Orlando humid and with all of the walking it takes to get around the park, it can get quite sweaty. I also recommend downloading the map App on your phone, we have iPhones and this was a great way to navigate and plan where we would head as we walked. Dress comfortably as well, light weight t-shirts will be a great choice and sneakers are a must. Baseball caps and sunscreen are essentials for everyone but especially for the kids. 

After seeing Mickey, we hit up some of the best spots in the park from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse- my personal favorite, to the Pirate of the Caribbean show, the guy who was imitating Jack Sparrow did an excellent impression and looked just like him! My kids aren't crazy about rides so we took each of them on one, the older one went on the go carts with my husband and I took the little guy on a Dumbo elephant ride, what I loved about that one is that instead of waiting on line they give you a little buzzer/light up coaster and they have an awesome indoor play area for you to wait until it's your turn to get on the ride. This beats waiting on a line in the beating sun with a cranky two year old for a half hour for sure. Try to avoid the gift shops if you don't want to waste your money on overpriced toys that will break by the time you arrive home but if you do want a souvenir, their gift shops are well stocked, we only know this because we had a 15 minute rainstorm and that was the closest entrance to run for shelter. Fun, fun right? Hehe. And lets not forget the parade, we walked all the way down to where the parade begins and we actually loved that spot because we had some shade, a ledge to sit on and snack until it began and the perfect view for the kids to see it real up close without being in anyones way. It was everything we expected and then some. Another section I'd highly recommend visiting is the Monsters Inc. one, it was adorable, humorous and fun for the whole family! Obviously we also watched the show up at the castle where all of the disney characters sing and dance and that's good fun as well. We spent an entire day in the park from 10 AM until about 6 PM and we took the ferry back to our car instead of the monorail which was a really nice choice since we got to see the sun set over the water. 

If you plan on visiting Orlando, Magic Kingdom is a fantastic park to take young kids. My sister who'd never been before is 18 and she enjoyed it as well. It's not just geared towards kids, adults and tourists from around the world will find it to be a lovely experience! 

We will certainly be back to visit Orlando in the future! Which park should we hit up next? Universal? There are so many great ones to choose from!

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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