Urbana Kosher Brooklyn Restaurant Review

This is Urbana. A restaurant in Boro Park, Brooklyn that makes you feel like you walked right out of Boro Park and into a hip joint somewhere far away from Brooklyn. We visited a couple of months back and had a nice experience. So here are my thoughts on the place. The ambiance was spot on. I like the way they kept the design simple with neutral colors and a little rustic twist here and there. Our server was really sweet and polite and knew his menu so well, telling us the favorites and specials and asking us about our tastes before recommending some dishes to try. It was a Saturday night so we were feeling in a pasta and sushi kind of mood. This girl loves mushroom so I chose the fettucini funghi which had really great texture and flavor. We really liked our battered green beans and the sixth sense and blue moon sushi rolls hit the spot. All of the dishes were  noticeably decent in size as well.  The drinks were a bit watered down and not what we were expecting, so those fell a bit short.  Although they aren't your typical Italian spot because they really put effort into switching up that regular pasta and pizza, I left feeling a tiny bit unimpressed. Perhaps this is me comparing it to what food experts like Basil bring. To me the prices seem a bit high and the flavors a bit simple. Will I visit again for a lunch date with a girl friend of mine? Sure! Date night with the husband, not so much. 

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Urbana is located on 1305 53rd Street and is under Rabbinical supervision of Tarnipol Beis Din. Call them at 718-438-4448 to make your reservation.  They are open Sunday- Thursday 12 PM- 11 PM daily. 

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