Periwinkle Blue-Purple Nails (SNS Powder) Nails Of The Day

I am absolutely in love with this periwinkle blue-purple shade at the moment. You may have noticed. I got these done at my local nail salon and I love doing the SNS powder which is like gel but is supposed to be healthier for your nails and doesn't require any lights or drying machines to set it in place. I went for a square shape this time to change it up from my usual pointy stiletto style. I love how they turned out. I rarely get my nails done, saving that for a special occasion. It's mostly because I find it a very unenjoyable task and get extremely bored waiting for them to be finished, nothing relaxing for me about it! I had a cousins wedding coming up when I got them done and I love how they ended up coordinating so well with my shoes of choice for the look I wore

If you are currently searching for a nail polish in this shade, here are two good ones I can recommend: 1) OPI Soft Shades Nail Lacquer in "I Am What I Amethyst" & 2) Essies Pret A Surfer

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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