Friday Fashion: A Black & White Crocheted Lace Dress with Periwinkle Blue Chunk Heels OOTN for A Cousins Wedding

I recently have lost almost 20 lbs all by eating healthy, drinking more water, getting more sleep and just generally changing my lifestyle to a healthier one. It has paid off in so many ways for me but the part I am most excited about at the moment is this dress. I have been a size 6 all of my life pretty much. Trust me, this is not me complaining about that. I am more endowed in the hip, thigh, butt area though, so often I wouldn't be able to fit my lower half in a dress I thought would absolutely fit me. I even got stuck in a dress in a fitting room once ( took some sweat and tears and about twenty minutes to get it up over my head without ruining it ). Because of that I will look but not try anything that appears to be something I may just end up being disappointed by. 

I spent a little time over the last month looking out for a dress to wear to my first cousins wedding. I wanted something a bit more elegant but also short, not long. I had been eyeing those Needle & Thread Dresses with the embroidery and beading- they are just so ethereal and dreamy, but honestly they were out of my budget for this specific event. You must know that I love my crochet lace so when I came across this XS Petite black and white collared dress that looked so much like a Needle & Thread style, my heart sank. I was enthralled by it, but I was certain it wouldn't fit my lower half as always. I took it into the dressing room anyways along with some other items thinking that I could stare at it a little before putting it back on the rack. And then, I tried it on. fit! I have never been so shocked about a dress in my life. There was just one problem now, it was too short in length and the sleeve was too short for my standards as well. I thought about it and decided it was worth making some alterations. Off to the material store I went to find black floral crochet lace for the bottom and white crocheted trim for the sleeves. And then I brought it into my seamstress Marina who knew just what to do as always. I absolutely love how the finished piece turned out. Losing some weight has not just been great for me on the scale at this point, it has been life changing in so many other ways. I am so excited to see what other great finds I will make in the future. 

Here are the details on everything I'm wearing here:

Black & White Crocheted Lace Dress: Few Moda New York (Very Similar Version Here )
Foiana Light Pink Floral, Lace & Pearl Chandelier Earrings: Aldo Shoes
Hanline White Nubuck Ring Size 6: Aldo Shoes
Pawprint and Dog Heartbeat Delicate Necklace- Kay Jewlers (gift from my husband)
Varinaa Black & Gold Snap Closure Envelope Clutch: Aldo Shoes
Nesida Light Blue Open Toe Platform Sandal: Aldo Shoes 
Hair: Irene's Wigs, Styled by Ahuva Goldgrab of Ahuva's Wigs
On my nails: SNS Powder Gel in a cornflower blue/purple shade

Let me know what you think of this look, I love getting your opinions!

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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