Make a Furry/Fuzzy Stool with Metallic Silver Legs On Your Own (DIY Project Video)

I've seen these fuzzy stools in all of my favorite home decor magazines and on their websites. I've wanted some of my own for well over a year now but just could not justify spending so much on two foot stools. So I made up my mind to put some of my own together. I found several great blog posts to reference including this great one by A Beautiful Mess Elsie & Emma, two of the most creative chicks I've ever followed. Originally I planned to do this all in my backyard from start to finish but then after discussing the project with my dad- Davids Wood and Chair Repair I realized it would be much smarter to do the more technical parts out of his shop. This ended up being such a great idea and I decided to hand over the reigns and watch him do what he does best. Using his great machinery and his two very talented hands, he cut the foam, glued it onto the stools, cut the fuzzy material, drilled holes for the leg plates, screwed those into place, and then stapled the material onto the wood with his air driven stapler. I could not have completed this project without his expertise, wisdom and hard work! Watch this weeks video here to see exactly how we completed this project from start to finish or read until the end of the post where it will be inserted as always.

Here's are the materials we used to complete this project:

2 Feet of 1 1/2- 2 Inch Thick Foam Material (from the local material store)
2 Feet of Pink Fuzzy/Furry "Mongolian" Material (from the local material store but you can also find this online)
2 (15" ) Wood Rounds (we found these in store at Loews)
4 (15 1/2) Inch Wood Round Tapered Legs 
Air Driven or Manual Stapler

The smell of sawdust and the sound of heavy machinery grinding is what home truly is to me. It reminds me of a great innocent childhood. I'm so thrilled that I got to work on this really important project with my father. They turned out better then I ever could have imagined they would. My husband had a huge part in it as well from handing over screws, to spray painting the legs, but most of all for supporting me and bringing this crazy idea of mine to life! I can't wait to bring more projects that I've worked on to my home. There are so many great home decor shops to find cool items at now a days but there is just nothing like making good use of  items on a daily basis in my own home that I've put together from start to finish on my own (or in this case with a lot of help from my father. 

A great point is that these stools go for about $400 a piece at the very least in most home decor stores and it cost me around $100 for all of the materials to put two of these stools together.

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