Friday Fashion: My Summer Uniform- A Basic T Shirt, Slides & A Funky Baseball Cap

It's been hard for me to get back into blogging and instagramming and all but I'm aware that it will all take me some time and I'm not rushing things. Today, I want to share one of my Friday Fashion posts and include a few updates on what's been going on with me.

First of all, I laid my brother to rest on June 18th and it has been the hardest month of my entire life mostly for that reason. 

I have undertaken several new projects and have some incredibly special plans that will honor his memory in a huge way. I will talk about those in the future as they unfold. In the meantime, please do keep sharing the #pawprintsformeyer hashtag and draw your paw print on your wrist to help us with our goal of creating awareness.

On a completely different and very superficial note, I began embarking on a journey to find health and have already lost 9 lbs in just 2 weeks! I have also found that my energy doesn't get depleted as it used to midway through a day and I have been getting so much more done because things are more organized around me. I have also started health coaching in the hopes of helping others begin finding a healthy lifestyle that makes them feel so much better inside and out, as it has for me.  

My life is changing in such a big way right now and I look forward to better, happier news in my future.  

Summer has definitely not gone how I expected it to but I am still doing my best to get in some relaxation time in the sun, from the comfort of this great hammock we added to our backyard last year, around this time. On a day to day basis, I've been sticking to a basic look which usually consists of a light weight 3/4 sleeve comfortable shirt, a cute printed baseball cap, slides, aviator sunglasses and easy jewelry. It's the kind of look I don't have to do much thinking about and that's just what I need right now. 

Here are the details on everything I'm wearing here:

White Baseball Cap with Printed Silver Metallic Stars: Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Diamond Studs
Skirt: High Low Grey Skirt with Strings- Kohls
Silver Statement Necklace- Forever 21 (old)
Wig- Irene's Wigs

Let me know what you think of this look, I love getting your opinions!

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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