9 Non Meat Recipe Round Up for Perfect 9 Days Dishes You Will Love (Summer 2017)

I'm not even going to be dishonest with you, I never am and I don't plan to start today. I'm not here to complain about how hungry I am in the 9 days. I love dairy, and fish and pasta and anything that's not meat, so I welcome this break from boring breaded chicken and barbecued burgers each year with open arms. I know not everyone feels the same way so I'm here to make this just a tiny bit easier for you. Here are 9 great recipes from the archive that are not only suitable for the 9 days but will actually having you begging for more. There's something for all of you from mains to sides and everything between. 

And if you really want to get fancy at the end of your meals, here are 2 extras to finish your meal with a bang!

I think that everyones first thought at the onslaught of the 9 days is FOOD. And obviously here I am talking about the very topic. But please let us all not forget why these ideas were put into place. The 9 days is a grieving period for our beautiful Bais Hamikdash. It feels similar to one I am partaking in already after losing my brother just 5 short weeks ago. My fathers message that he gave over strongly during shiva and continues to is giving your children unconditional love! Love your children, love your friends, love your neighbor and even that lady in shul who you don't know or that women walking down the street who you don't recognize. I talk to myself as I say these words because this my friends will bring the end of galus, will bring us moshiach, will stop all of the horrible things occurring around us and will bring us closer to geula. Today, let us do one thing more to make this world worthy of moshiach. Try to do acts both trivial and profound: open the door for someone, give a smile to that women you don't know on the street instead of avoiding her gaze and looking at your phone, offer to pay for someone elses coffee, try to speak kindly about others even when not in their presence and of course give your children that unconditional love, accept them with all of their flaws and tell them that you do because Hashem is in charge of the world and we need that same rachmanus from him!

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