15 Healthy Recipes You Really Must Try & Some Background on My Recent Massive Weight Loss Journey

You've heard me talking about my health alot lately. I've had a reawakening of sorts I would say and I realize now more then ever, that I have one life to live and it should  be the most optimal one possible. I've been one of those people who eat healthy for a few months, lose a whole bunch of weight and then go back to eating foods that aren't as healthy and gain it right back. For the first time in my life, I am doing it correctly. This is not to say I won't have special things from time to time and be sure you will see lots of great desert recipes here anyways, but I do plan to stick to eating 95% healthier foods 95% of the time once I have reached my goal weight again. I have just 11 lbs. left to go now! Another great detail is that I am now a health coach and I truly love helping others start getting healthy the way I did!!

If you haven't come to this conclusion yourself yet, there is no time better then now to start.

I thought I'd share 15 of my healthy recipes from the blog archives today. Try them and you will find that eating healthier foods isn't all that bad after all. I'd like to just quickly disclaim that these recipes aren't necessarily approved for the program I am currently partaking in. If you are on program as well, shoot me an email or a message on any of my social media and I will help you tweak these all easily to suit you! There is something for practically everyone here, from veggies to steak, fish and soup. Enjoy!

Use shiritaki noodles or brown rice noodles for an even more reduced calorie choice.

Use almond flour to bread or skip breading altogether and grill them with seasonings instead for an even healthier version.

Use turkey, pastrami or skirt steak to wrap veggies to reduce calories further. 

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