Speaking Up About Being Bullied & Creating Awareness- My Story & Experience (Video)

Back when I wrote my first ever blog post in 2009, I would take pictures of my dinner creations with an old point and shoot camera and write out my recipes because family and friends would ask for them and I wanted them to all be in one place. I since discovered my great love for makeup and decorating, fashion and DIY projects, and have sort of converted my blog to a bit more of a lifestyle site. I've thought of putting a video like this one on youtube for a while now. I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time convincing myself to sit in front of the camera and talk about the subject at all. It's just not that often I get personal on my youtube channel because I guess I'm just a little afraid of people taking it the wrong way or misunderstanding my message. I was on a public bus the other day and I overheard two boys talking about how one of them had been beaten up at school that day- physically so, and I felt sick to my stomach. It got me thinking and made me realize that I needed to share this video in hopes of creating awareness as well as helping anyone who may be going through it. I talked a little bit about my experiences in this weeks video and will consider getting more personal on my channel in the future like I did in this one if it ends up being something useful. 

If you are going through this in school or as an adult with friends, speak with someone who can help you! Do not allow yourself to go through the motions, because unlike what tv, movies and social media may portray, bullying is not ok or normal at all. If you feel like noone loves you or cares about you, know this: I LOVE YOU and even if I don't know you, I care about you! 

I also want to say, if you feel like saying something negative to someone online or in person, think first of how it may effect them. Putting someone down will not move you ahead at all in the long run. Your words and actions effect people greatly whether you see it or not. My hope is to make this world a more peaceful happy place for all of us to live in. Let's stop the hate and the bullying! 


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