La Cambio Kosher Brooklyn Restaurant, First Impression Review

A good friend of mine and I celebrated her birthday with a dinner night out at La Cambio a couple of evenings ago. It's a kosher American/Italian in cuisine lounge and restaurant with a really upscale feeling. It's rather new to the Coney Island area in Brooklyn but has already brought something unique to the area. Walking in there, I honestly felt like I had walked right out of Brooklyn and into some exotic spot somewhere in Europe. The detail that I think stood out for us most from start to finish was how genuinely helpful, knowledgeable and hospitable the staff were. There's a full pizza and pasta menu with many different choices to please every palette. I particularly liked that it wasn't an overly long menu since that tends to be far too overwhelming for me. There were just enough choices from appetizers to main dishes and I quickly selected their fries. They were topped with parmesan and tossed with rosemary needles and served with house made black truffle oil garlic mayo and roasted tomato ketchup. Each one was perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and the dipping sauces were extremely flavorful. My friend selected the scorching pizza with jalapeƱos, fresno, thai chillies, kale, roasted garlic and smoked mozzarella. It was definitely a nice sized personal pie cut into slices. She really enjoyed it and seemed to think it was the perfect balance of heat while still being able to taste all of the savory flavors. For my main, I went with my usual, you guessed it-pasta. Particularily the tortellini with spring onions, goat cheese, parmesan and oyster mushrooms. I thought all of the different flavors and textures worked perfectly together but the actual broth they were served in was a bit salty for me and the tortellini a bit al dente around the edges, otherwise it was very tasty. For desert, we had peanut coffee crumb with lemon curd cheese cake and the coffee zabaglione which had the most exquisite custard and whip at it's center. 

The restaurant itself is tastefully decorated and has a fully stocked wine bar. I believe it would be a great spot for dates, couple time, or gals night. We had a really incredible experience and after describing it to my husband we are both eager to go back. There are several appetizers I would love to order next time and I can't wait to see what he thinks of the place as well. All in all, I'd highly recommend visiting La Cambio if your looking for a dairy spot with great taste, unique ingredients and appealing tasteful Italian dishes. 

La Cambio is located on 1794 Coney Island Avenue between Ave N and Ave O. It's under the rabbinical supervision of Rabbi Gornish. They are open Sunday- Thursday from 1:30 in the afternoon until 11:30 in the evening. Their phone number is 347-587-1046. I highly recommend making a reservation before heading over. 

Have you been to La Cambio before? If you have what were your thoughts on it? If you haven't do you plan to? Do you have a restaurant to recommend? Email me at or send me a direct message on any of my social media to let me know, I love hearing from you!

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