Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners- Glam Rock, Midnight Cowboy, Junkshow, Distortion

You know of my love for all things glittery and bright. I saw one of these in someones tutorial way back when and knew I had to have it.  You may remember me trying some from NYX that were marketed as eyeliners but said not to apply them around the eyes (strange! I know).  I searched around and then came across these in Sephora and was reminded of that tutorial. These glitter eyeliners are great in many ways but they aren't quite perfect. Mind you, I am quite picky. 

The first thing I look for in an eyeliner is comfort because if they'll be on my eyes for any length of time, I don't want to feel them or be annoyed by them. Next, is a good amount of wear time without giant particles of the pretty stuff falling all over my face, not the look I'm ever going for. These tick both those boxes, I never feel discomfort when wearing them and they wear for at least 8-12 hours without budging at all. The colors are gorgeously pigmented and really dazzle and glow, showing up in photos as well. The brush is thin and easy to work with, so application is very easy too. Also, the applicator screws on nice and tight into the tube and I haven't found them drying out at all. The actual liner is just right in formulation, so not overly liquid-like but just liquid-like enough to easily work them onto the eye. I now have 4 of the 7 shades available although I plan to get myself those purple and blue ones sooner then later.  "Glam Rock" is the perfect silver and "Midnight Cowboy" that just right gold. "Junk show" is a burgundy pink with purple reflect and "Distortion" is an iridescent glitter with all sorts of color throughout but a lot of blue and burgundy mainly. So they pretty much covered most colors , although I wish there was something green, I think that's the only one missing. Also these are quite expensive for a 7 ml tube of glitter liner, at $20 each. Finally, I've seen many different looks achieved with these but I'd have to say they are best for adding a little of glitter on the lower lash line or laying a bit over the entire eyelid, over a shadow look. There's just not enough glitter all in one place to create a precise wing or full glitter eye. You could probably work with it and layer it a whole lot, but in my mind that is just too much work. So all in all, these are some of my favorite glitter liners of all time in many ways. I am still on the search for a glitter liner that I can use to create a full liquid liner look with or pack all over the lid for an all glitter eye though. Leave me your recommendations, I can definitely use some!

Have you given these glitter liners a try? They can be found at Sephora, Ulta, and on Urban Decays site. If you have, do you love them like I do? If you haven't do you want to?

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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