NYX White Liquid Liner WLL01

Although I do like to try some funky makeup looks here and there and test some new trends from time to time, I don't remember the last time I lined my upper lash line in stark white liquid liner. This liner is one of those things that happened by accident. And by that I mean I had an idea to dress up as skeletons for purim and needed it to draw on teeth etc. and so it came to be in my collection. I needed to test it in ahead of time and see how it worked on the upper lash line so I paired it with an olive green eyeshadow look and was amazed by how much I ended up loving it in the end. 

I've since worn a white winged liner look several times and have actually gotten loads of compliments! It certainly makes the eye pop. So here's the deal with this liner from NYX, a drugstore priced company often found at CVS and Target, my local mall even has a standalone store. The actual liner is super liquidey and easy to apply. The wand is long enough to reach and be precise with and the thin brush is just the right size and width for creating a wing as dramatic as you'd like. The pigmentation is spot on, it's stark and bright with one swipe. It sets quickly and doesn't transfer until then. This is the only shade I've owned as of now so I can't speak for the other colors but I'd have to assume they are similar. There are a couple of things that will probably stop me from purchasing any others or repurchasing this one. First, I've only had it for a couple of months and it's drying out. Recently, I have to keep screwing it back into it's base and shaking it mid-wing attempting to get more product onto the wand to work with. Second, It looks nice once it dries down and stays put for at least 8 hours but it sets in a very dry cracked feeling way. This really irritates my lash line and is so uncomfortable that I just want to remove it by the 5-6 hour mark for sure. For this reason, I am now on the search for a comfortable to wear white liquid liner with all of the good qualities of this one, the price being included as well if possible. It seems that I am now in love with the white liquid liner look. I even have a tutorial planned for that green look I talked about earlier. 

Have you given these NYX Liquid liners a try? If you have, did you have a good experience with the other colors? If you haven't, would you want to give them a go?

Let me know in the comments form along with any recommendations from the line as well!

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