My Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions Experience

these photos were taken on the day the lashes were applied

I had heard of getting lash extensions done before but had never actually considered doing so myself. Applying lash strips is easy for me to do for a special occasion but as for applying them every day, that can get a bit annoying. The main reason the idea crossed my mind was because I was planning a full 20 hour road trip to and from Florida for the Pesach/Passover holidays. I was not excited about the idea of spending my vacation applying lash strips almost every day since I prefer not to sleep in lashes if I don't have to. So I looked into it. I did my research on groupon, google, facebook and asked friends about their experiences. I didn't end up getting an exact location recommendation but I did gain alot of information on the process. So I ended up going with my gut instinct (this sometimes ends up being a complete disaster) and I chose a place on 8th avenue in Brooklyn called Natural Beauty Spa and scheduled an appointment. 

My impressions: The actual place didn't look like anything special but it was clean and seemed to be run in a very sanitary way and that is actually most important to me when it comes to having cosmetic procedures done. One thing I learned: don't go to a salon to get lash extensions applied with eye makeup on. The reason I went with makeup on was because I was coming straight from working and didn't exactly have time to take it all off. It just prolonged the whole operation with her having to go take it all off first. The entire process was pain free, and simple but annoying for me due mainly to the length of time- it took two hours. I personally have very little patience, even waiting while a manicure dries has me in tears (I'm only exaggerating, but I do hate waiting for manicures to dry). I told the stylist I wanted longer, thicker lashes that still looked relatively natural and I will admit I was worried when I first saw them. But then I went home and applied a little more mascara and realized they were exactly what I'd requested and perfect in every way. She wrote the length and style number down on a business card for me so now I know exactly what to ask for the next time I go. She said that with this semi permanent style, the glue should hold up for up to 6 weeks. I think this length of time really comes with experience of learning proper upkeep. Because it was my first time having them in, I really caked on my mascara and wasn't sure how to take off my eye makeup to avoid removing lashes. For this reason, I lost several lashes by the time two weeks was up. In the application process, a whole lot of individual lashes are applied so it really didn't effect my look at all. By 4 1/2 weeks now, all of those semi permanent lashes have fallen out. Knowing what I do now, I would be a lot more careful next time and avoid caking too much mascara on. I would also be a lot less rough when removing my eye makeup. As for the after effect, a lot of people say that their lashes got damaged by the lash extensions or that they were pressed downwards and needed a lift after. As of now, I see no damage of that sort. I do think that some of my longer lashes fell out along with some of the extensions, wether this is actually the case I can't tell for sure as it is possible I got used to the longer lash look on me.  This isn't something that bothers me too much anyways because I know from past experiences that my lashes grow back pretty quickly on their own and I could easily apply lash strips if I have an occasion I deem them necessary for. I do want to comment on comfortability as well because these were literally like no other lashes I've ever had on. They were so comfortable from the moment they were applied. I had no problem sleeping on my side, I will admit I was worried I would mess up the shape or press on the lashes in my sleep and ruin them. They did fine in the shower and at the beach and in the heat and humidity as well. All in all, I would say I'm really happy with my experience. This includes the place I got them done at, to whom I plan to go again in the future. It's not the kind of thing I would go to do often. I like to let me nails breathe and only do gel or acrylic nails every so often and I feel like it's similar, where I need to let my own natural lashes breathe and regenerate a bit. The best part about having them was that I didn't have to apply much makeup to look made up and even better I never had to apply lashes at all. They do look more natural then most strip lashes do because they appear to be growing right out of your own roots instead of being over top of your natural lashes and then having to be blended a bit more. 
I would recommend them for a special occasion, vacation or holiday where you don't want to be busy focusing on applying lashes all the time. As for daily wear, I don't think their necessary for me personally but if you have a really busy schedule and not a whole lot of time for applying makeup they may be something consider. 

this image was taken about 2 1/2- 3 weeks after the lashes were applied

Have you even had semi- permanent eye lash extensions? What was your experience if you have? If you haven't, do you want to? 

Let me know in the comments form below, I love hearing from you!

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