Friday Fashion: Denim Tunic & A Deep Tan Belt OOTD

Why is it that everything is so oversized these days? And why is it that everyone seems to like it. Being that I'm petite- I'm only just 5 feet, that style totally does not suit me at all. I went shopping with a good friend of mine last week and I was surprised that every piece I tried on would have had to be taken in if I wanted it to actually fit nicely and these were all size smalls. I kept saying "I guess I'll tuck this one in then" or "I guess I'll have to belt it'. Am I the only one who this oversized style doesn't seem to suit? I mean the minute I walk out of the house with something slightly oversized I get people asking if I'm in maternity or if I've just gained some weight. While really the only thing I'm struggling with is oversized tunics, blouses, dresses etc. I really just don't get it, at all. 

So now that I'm done ranting, speaking of oversized tops that need to be belted, there's this one. I loved the light denim wash, cap sleeves and criss cross lace up design at the front and I remembered that one brown belt from last summer I'd never worn, so I went with it. White shell, white skirt, nude fringe bag and nude heels and like that I was all set. When I began my summer shopping I was set on 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve tops, long sleeved dresses to the knee and nothing that needed belting. But here I am again with a skirt under a tunic and a shell under cap sleeves. And a belt to cinch a waist. It just doesn't seem like what I'm looking for actually exists, for a decent price that is. I am still very much enjoying getting dressed for warm weather though that is for sure!

Here are the details on everything I'm wearing here:

Denim Tunic: New Look (Similar here
Belt: Target (Similar here)
Nude Fringed Bag: Forever 21 (Similar here)
Blue/Green, Gold Framed Aviator Sunglasses- Purchased at Forever 21 last Summer. (Similar here
White Denim Skirt: Kiki Riki
Hair- Irene's Wigs
Long Silver Earrings: Forever 21 (Similar here)

Let me know what you think of this look, I love getting your opinions!

This is not a sponsored post. There, got that out of the way hehe.

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