Whats in My Bag Video /The Blalock Multi Aldo Tote + A Peek Into My Kate Spade NY Glitter PVC Wallet

I have not done one of these "what's in my bag" videos in a really long time. I'm pretty sure I've promised one in every haul I had a new bag to show, so it's really about time I did this. Watch this weeks video here to see this bag up close and what I keep inside it most of the time here or read until te end of the post where it will be inserted as always.  This specific bag is one I got back in the black friday deals in late November from Aldo. I had spotted this Blalock Multi Tote in the stores and gotten a good look at it but hadn't wanted to spend sixty plus dollars on a non designer bag if you catch my drift. Also, it's quite a statement being as colorful as it is so I needed some time to mull it over. I came across it again while searching for a pair of shoes on their website over Black Friday, at which point it was reduced to fifty percent off. The thing with Aldo is that they go through styles pretty quickly and once they sell them out they don't usually bring them back again. Especially with funky items like this one! By the time I mentioned it in my winter haul video, it was already sold out and gone so I was glad I could grab it when I did and for the price I did. My philosophy is to buy inexpensive bags on even further reduction and save my dollars for the designer ones. This is not to put down the quality of Aldo's bags whatsoever. I have been impressed with the quality on any one I've ever purchased from them. This bag quickly became my every day carry- it -all. It's the one I take when I'm out with my kids for the day because I know I can fit anything and everything in it. I love that it's quite structured and that it has a separate middle pocket that I can put important things in to reach for quickly when I'm out and about. I'm super happy with it and I will certainly purchase others from the brand in the future! 

I also picked out a new wallet recently since mine had seen better days. I came across this Kate Spade NY Glitter PVC Wallet at Nordstrom Rack for just under $100 by chance and I knew it was the one. It's a bit much when paired with this bag to be honest but I don't actually care. The cream colored interior, center zip coin pocket and back pocket for receipts make it just the right fit for my personality and style. The quality seems really nice so far and I'm so thrilled to have found it.  

I love watching what's in my bag style videos on youtube because it's good to see what different people consider essentials. It helps me to get organized and select only the most important items to throw in there. What I like even more is getting an overview of a bag and wallet I may be eyeing and curious about. I hope that this video and post will be helpful to someone else in this way as well even with these specific items not being available anymore. I am confident that Aldo and Kate Spade both have very similar styles available. 

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