Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color & Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color on My Nails Today

 I have a pretty large collection of nail polish because I'm not the person who loves sitting at a salon getting a manicure, it's just not that relaxing for me! So I tend to trim and paint my nails on my own at home most times. These are the two colors currently on my nails, both from Wet N Wild, easily found at the local drugstore for a couple of dollars each. I love how the matte black looks with some shiny glitter top coat layered over it because on it's own it's just a bit blah on me. I prefer a slightly thinner brush to these wider ones to get a more precise application. This is due especially to the fact that I am only just getting a bit better at painting my left hand with my right and I am a true lefty. The glitter polish is a bit hard to work with. If you actually want to build up those colorful little particles as I've done here, you need to stamp the brush over your nail over and over again until enough of them have been layed down, with one even stroke you will only get a couple of them sprinkled over your nail. They last on my nails for 3-5 days without chipping which is great for the price and they do not stain my nails once off. The detail that absolutely drives me mad with these is the chemical scent and fumes coming off these into the air while painting me nails. By the time I'm finished both hands, I can literally taste that bad chemical taste in my mouth, really not enjoyable at all. I love the finished result so much but there are dozens of good matte black polishes and glitter top coats out there and although I have had these for a while already I think I have to toss them. It's just not worth walking around with that bad chemical taste for a couple of hours. 

This is not to say I won't try other polishes like these from the brand in the future because I am all for finding new inexpensive goodies for sure!    

What drugstore nail polishes would you recommend I give a go next? Leave me brands and color names/numbers in the comments form below! I would love to get your recommendations! 

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