My Current Skin Care Routine (Video)

A little over a year ago I shared a skin care routine video similar to this one. I think it's a good time for an updated one since a whole lot has changed not only with my routine but with my skin as well. Here's a little background first on what my skin is like. I have pretty normal skin generally with a interchangeable oily or dry t-zone depending on the season. I do get the occasional hormonal cystic acne breakout on my chin area every few months, but otherwise my skin has been behaving really well since beginning to use  these products daily/nightly. Little issues I have not been happy about with my skin in the past are redness in my general cheek area, tiny bumps under my skin/textured skin and a sun spot under my eye. Since starting with this new set of products as a regimen, I have noticed far less texture, less visible redness in my cheeks and no more crazy bouts of black heads and bacterial acne.  My morning routine is simple- cleanse, moisturize and coat my lips with a hydrating balm. I will also dot little spots with a spot treatment when they occur. My evenings are a bit more advanced- I will cleanse my face, remove my lipstick if I'm wearing one, remove my eye makeup, spot treat, mask (once a week), put on lip balm and then finish with an oil treatment to leave on over night. See my entire routine from start to finish in this weeks video here or read until the end of the post where it will be inserted as always.

These are the products I've been relying on in my routine lately. Because I love testing products and also due to erratic changes in my skin with each new season, I tend to switch my routine almost completely every six months. I do keep the products that I know worked well in my favor in the back of my mind at all times because if ever I am lacking a good product I then know just where to turn. Here's the run down- 

Eye Makeup Remover- Sonia Kashuk Remove Eye Makeup Remover (my review here)
Lipstick Remover- Olive Oil

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