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Times have certainly changed. I used to rely solely on my packed shelf of cookbooks for all my cooking escapades. Then I started getting creative with food and writing my own recipes and I began flipping through them mainly for inspiration from time to time or to reference those reliable recipes I'd come to love over the years. Back in 2012 I did a similar post called My Top 8 Favorite Cookbooks of the Moment. You will notice just one cookbook is repeated here. I recently did the largest clean out and gave several of my unused cookbooks away to some friends on facebook. This certainly tells you something about the 7 books I selected to actually keep around. This is what is left of my shelf lined front to back with heavy cookbooks of all kinds.I realized that those that were sitting and collecting dust could use a better home. I made some space as well for the one or two new books that may wow me this year. You've read my recipe binder post so you will know where I usually turn for recipe inspiration but when I choose to get into a cookbook at all, this is where I go. It may seem like an odd bunch but I feel like I've got everything I need here.

Here's the line up: (I've linked to cookbook reviews I've written on some of these cookbooks, click on the cookbook title to be redirected)

They are in no specific order, I use them all equally.

1. Kosher Taste By Amy Stopnicki- I love that her recipes are simpler in preparation which inspires me to keep my own recipes simpler. Working moms and stay at home moms with deadlines and schedules will love this one. Getting it done hastily on a week night or before an early shabbos while still being able to present something delicious and different is what mom goals are made of.

2. Kosher by Design Entertains By Susie Fishbein- This is one of the earliest cookbooks to grace my collection back when I first got married 9 years ago. It's the one that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone with my cooking and experiment with plating techniques.

3. Kosher By Design Brings It Home By Susie Fishbein- A more recent release from her that caps her Kosher By Design series. I particularly like the interesting ingredients used throughout, inspired by her travels around the world. This one has a more healthy background which proves that delicious food can be both tasty and good for you at the same time. 

4.  A Taste of Pesach, A Project of Yeshiva Me'on Hatorah of Roosevelt- This is the book that got me through my first Pesach at home, cooked by yours truly for us and guests. It has all of the basics as well as several great choices from every category. It makes Pesach cooking a complete breeze, all of the planning is done for you in ahead of time. 

5. Our Table by Renee Muller- I pretty much named this one as cookbook of the year in my recent review. It's full of impressive flavorful dishes and the images and food styling inside truly bring each dish to life right before the readers eyes. 

6. Secret Restaurant Recipes by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek- Have you ever been to a restaurant and thought to yourself, I wish I could replicate this amazing dish at home?! Although I would love to travel the world and explore kosher restaurants of all cuisines it's not something I get to do as much as I'd like. This cookbook brought recipes from across the globe straight to my table and once again inspired creativity in my plating and flavoring. 

7. Dairy Made Easy by Leah Schapira & Victoria Dwek- There are so many tiny little details that make this book appealing and special. The dairy dishes inside are mostly ones we've heard of before but it's little twists that add something unique. 

These are the cookbooks I recommend family members and friends when they ask for my advice on which one to purchase next. This covers pretty much any type you'd prefer from dairy, to gluten free, shavuos and 9 days ideas, pesach recipes, those that are a bit healthier and some that are just really fun to read and get inspired by. I would say there's something for everyone. 

Let me know which cookbook on your shelf is your favorite of the moment! I'd love to get your recommendations!

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