Loreal Infallible Silkissime Liners

Loreal is one of the brands at the drugstore I can say I've delved into quite deep over the years. I've tried dozens of their liners, lipsticks, foundations and shadows as is reflected in my  past reviews. They have so many different eyeliners and mascaras to choose from, and every time I think I've tried everything they have to offer, they release something new! Did you know they even have their own range of face masks now?

These Silkissime liners are not new to me. In fact, there was a cobalt blue one I cherished and destroyed at one point, you may even recall me using it in a makeup tutorial or two. A few months back I decided to go for two more colors, one called Pure Purple which is a real royal purple and another in rose gold called Highlighter. With just 10 shades in the range, it wasn't too difficult to pick these out. 

Considering they are titled infallible I was expecting them to be really long lasting, budge proof pencils. That they are not.  My trick is to layer them with powder products so that they have something to adhere to. This really works to seal them in and keep them in place since they are overly creamy in formulation.They are indeed silky smooth pencils and go on super easily and they don't tug or pull on the lash line or waterline as they are applied either.  I'd hoped to use the rose gold one as a waterline eye brightening product but I've found that the don't last long enough in my waterline. For reference, I have pretty typical, non oily lid or watery eyes. They do very well under the lower lash line and on the upper lid, so I still get alot of use out of them. What makes these liners really different is that they come in different finishes, some are more matte while others are bright and shimmery and even metallic.

Although they glide right on and the color selection is stunning (I'm eyeing the teal and silver ones right at this very moment) I'm on the search for a liner creamy enough to apply to the waterline but a bit more budge proof once set. Something that has greatly interested me was a recent Marc Jacobs try that went on creamy, didn't move around and twisted up. Just the fact that it didn't need to be sharpened like these and most pencils do, set them apart from the rest.  That's still in testing stages though so I'll keep you apprised.

Do you own any of these specific Loreal liners? If you don't and your curious about them, they are under $7.99 online as well as at most local U.S. drugstores, so they are definitely worth a whirl!. 

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