Kat Von D Shade+ Light Contour Palette

Powder contour kits have been all the rage ever since Anastasia Beverly Hills brought theirs out. I think it's pretty genius really, even if you aren't a makeup artist like myself. Brands like It Cosmetics, NYX, Two Faced and Lorac have since followed suit as did Kat Von D shortly after. The Shade Light palette wins it for packaging with those 3 dimensional letters, Kat is an artist and she knows how to create some eye-catching details for sure. It's the actual rectangular pans and shape of the palette I personally prefer with it's huge mirror all the way across. I could do without the easy to smear cardboard outer packaging but then that's a pretty typical choice for many beauty brands.  I'm very disappointed that soon after purchasing mine, a refill style palette with improved packaging was released. If I had had the choice between the two at the time I would have laid out $3 more for it with no question. 

It's a pricey one at $46 but also very comparable to others like it (my all time favorite- The Smashbox Contour Kit is $45 and comes with just 3 shades). In fact, If you break it down by the amount of product your actually getting in there it does seem to work out in your favor. That is, if you'll be using every one of the shades in there. For me there are 3 shades I use most depending how tanned my skin is at the time. The banana colored yellow shade at top center is what I use very often to set my under eye and the two lighter bronze shades closer to the left are what I mix for my perfect contoured every day look. I only use that deepest shade in late summer when I'm as deep golden as I ever get. As a makeup artist, this is a great product to have on hand for my clients as I have a bronzer/contour powder and setting powder to suit almost anyone that sits in my chair.

The actual powders are buttery smooth and easy to blend out and actually stay put on the skin quite nicely for as long as 12-15 hours. Oily skinned individuals will definitely have to set with a makeup setting spray to get these results in staying power and those with dry skin should blend gently to avoid the product going patchy, but all in all they are well done in consistency. If you read my review of the Anastasia Contour Kit you will know that I was displeased with how those powders photographed which is a huge downside for me as a beauty blogger. These on the other hand, look just as beautiful on camera as they do off.

The only thing I will say I think would only improve this already great product would be a universal glowy highlight shade which would mean you have everything you possibly need powder wise in one great palette. What do you think?

 I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a variety of face powders to work with on a daily basis and especially to makeup artists working with many different skin tones. I purchased it online from Sephora's website What's next for me? I think I'm ready to start delving into those cream contour products again. Recommend me your favorites!

Have you given any of this contour kit a try? If you have, what did you think of it? If you haven't do you want to?

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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