Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 5

I have several great foundations that I rely on on a daily basis. There are just 2 as of now that I reserve for special occasions when I want my skin to look absolutely flawless and photograph perfectly. You've surely heard by now about my great love for Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation but now I've recently discovered a comparable one in this Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. At 64 dollars, a bottle of this stuff has to be used in small increments only when absolutely necessary or it could become a pretty expensive situation. I love when brands offer more then just a handful of shades and undertones. This foundation is available in dozens of shades to cater to every women from those with fair skin and neutral undertones to deep skins with red undertones. This also means the shade 5 works well for me in late winter and early spring but a shade to suit my tan skin in the summer and early fall wouldn't be difficult at all because there is nothing worse then finding your favorite foundation, only then being able to wear it 6 months out of the year. 

It took me a while to finally get myself one of these. It's just hard to know sometimes if a product is overhyped because of it's high end brand name or if it's actually just that good. I tried several samples from Sephora before finally adding it to my cart. If you watched my Purple Metallic Eye Makeup + Full Face Tutorial video then you would have seen this foundation in action and you would have been able to deduce exactly why it's everything I could ask for in a foundation. It's medium coverage but easy to build up without getting evil cake face. It blends out so smoothly and feels so lightweight once applied. It's certainly not matte but not overly glowy either in finish so it would suit a variety of skin types. It lasts for 8-10 hours on me but doesn't look bad at all as it begins to wear down. I think the detail that I love most about it is the fact that my skin actually looks like optimized skin with it on and I barely need more then a pump and a half to get the coverage I need. I've had this bottle for about 6 months or so now and have yet to run out of it. I'm trying my best to keep it around as long as possible before having to go purchase another one. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone who's photographed or attends special events often and would like their skin to look like skin, only smoothed out and better then typical skin. If your looking for a day to day foundation, I'd tell you to just stick with what's available at the drugstore. Loreal offers a whole bunch of great choices that work for those purposes. 

Have you given any of this foundation a try? What did you think of it if you have? If you haven't do you plan to? 

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