Friday Fashion: Skeleton Face Painting For Purim & A Mini OOTD

Being a makeup artist, I am intrigued by all kinds of makeup looks from smokey eyes to cut creases, glittery metallic eyes and everything between. There is one kind of makeup that totally fascinates me and blows me away, but I have only dipped my feat it in a little bit so far. It's theatrical and special effects makeup, completely changing the face with paint and wax and appliqu├ęs. I've watched dozens and dozens of tutorials on youtube from Nicole Guirerio to Desi Perkins, Jordan Hans etc. etc. and I am in awe of their incredible talent every time. The Purim holiday is a fun time to dress up in costumes and give gifts to family and friends. I love celebrating it! Last year, I painted us into werewolves and although it turned out beautifully it was only my first time trying any special effects face painting so there was a lot of room for improvement and it was a real learning experience. This year I came across two fabulous special effects makeup tutorials, one by Jordan Liberty and another by Alex Faction- both of whom are incredible artists and I knew I had to try my hand at it. Watching those tutorials back now, I know my work doesn't compare at all to the originals but I am still very proud of how it turned out and I know I will only continue to grow from here and get better and better at it as I practice. My family dressed up as skeletons. I face painted our 7 year olds face in a similar fashion to that of my husband. My husbands face painting took about 2 hours, and this was after practicing it twice a couple of weeks in ahead of time. There was so much detail involved and it really taught me a lot about contouring and highlighting in a whole other aspect. My own face took abut 2 hours as well. I started by applying my regular face of makeup,  mixing my foundation with a glowy primer and adding a lot of extra highlighting power for more of a theatrical glow. I contoured heavier then I usually do as well. I then started creating the shape for my eyes and nose with a brown eyebrow pencil, and filled those in with black gel eyeliner. And then I went across both of my lash lines with white eyeliner. adding a wing on the outer adges and a silver glitter liner over the top of that, finishing that off with some basic mascara.  Then came the lengthly detail work of applying the gold nail heads all along the lower edge and side of my black eye circles which I dipped into clear eyelash adhesive, allowed the glue to get tacky and then adhered to my skin. I added some to my forehead in a triangle shape with two ovals at it's side and added a couple in a triangular tear drip coming down from those ovals under my eyes. I then added all of those tiny diamond/silver rhinestones all the way around my eyes until the nailheads and added a couple imbetween those on my  cheeks. Using the same gel liner I contoured my cheeks in thick black angles to mimic hollow cheeks of a skeleton. The last detail was drawing on the teeth. I started by drawing lines down my lips all the way along as the roots between my teeth. I drew the teeth in with that same white liquid eyeliner used on my eyes and then dotted each tooth with one of those silver/diamond rhinestones at it's center. It was time consuming and hard work but it was the most fun I've had with makeup all year. My husband is already brainstorming ideas for what he'd like to be painted as next year, we all had a really great time dressing as skeletons. 

To finish off my look I bought a silver blonde 25 inch synthetic human hair mix wig with dark roots and waves already in it and a lace front which I trimmed to suit my head that I purchased from a local beauty supply store. Although I'm very much a natural brunette, I loved the look and I think you can expect to see it on in some of my hair tutorial videos in the future, the opportunities are endless when it comes to long wigs like this one. The costume was easy, I found it online on amazon and walmart both. I was thrilled that it was along sleeve t-shirt with silver bones printed on it because this meant it was going to keep me warm and that I wouldn't have to wear a shell underneath it. The leg pieces actually were leg warmer style and weren't actual leggings. So I just wore my regular black leggings and pulled them over top which was quite perfect, they ran from my thigh to my ankle. I have had this chiffon black skirt with gold glitter from Double Header for years and it was just the thing to throw over top of my leggings. Lastly, I finished it off with my GC Shoes Zarra Black Short Booties with Gold Zippers up the side purchased from DSW at the start of this season. Of course I also got a manicure to work with the theme. I chose to go for a powder silver chrome color that gets layered over a black gel, it didn't last quite as well as I'd hoped and started chipping the day I got it done, but it was still fun! 

I had an absolute blast dressing up as a metal skeleton for the day! Let me know what you think in the comments, I love hearing your opinions!

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