Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows

It was in Miami in October that I walked into my first Ulta ever. It was absolutely epic since I'd been shopping on their website for years and had heard amazing things about their actual store. The high end and drugstore/less expensive mix of products in there is just right on. My sister and I were in there together so I helped her choose some Tarte shadows and an eyeliner and then wandered over to the Urban Decay section. I'd been specifically looking for a very metallic bold green shadow with very particular emerald, blue and gold tones. And that's when I spotted the liquid moondust shadows. After swatching up both my arms with products I decided to walk out with just one of these since it fit my original criteria perfectly. 

Soon after getting back and wearing that shade "Zodiac" to no end I knew I had to get some more because the liquid shadow idea is like nothing I've ever experienced before. So into my Sephora cart went Recharged- a peachy pink shade, Spacetime- a deep coppery bronze and Magnetic- an iridescent purple. I now own 4 out of the 8 shades available and will most likely end up with the ones I'm missing at some time or another. I feel like Urban Decay could have expanded beyond these colors but I'll take what I can get. Makeup Forever and Stila have since released similar versions as well so I'm sure I'll fill the gap.

I think even before writing this review you probably know how I feel about these for the most part because I've gone on and on about them whenever I got the chance in both blog posts and videos. In fact I've done 2 eye makeup tutorial videos featuring 2 of these shades already and I'm currently planning my third. I just think the idea of liquid shadows is so genius. I'd choose them any day over those loose pigment style shadows for sure. Thee's no spraying or mixing of products necessary with these. The packaging is really nice with the silver twist up wand caps and metallic silver writing and there's a pretty good amount of product in there for the $22.00 you'll spend on one of the tubes. It's the actual product that really wows though, it's is so creamy and easy to apply with the tiny little wand (or a brush if you choose). I like to let one layer set and then top with a second one a minute later most of the time because some of these can be a bit sheer or patchy otherwise. I also tend to put some powders on before and some after it sets into place because otherwise they do transfer and move around making it harder to get that nice blend on the outer edges. Once layered they stay put on my lids all day and don't move around at all or wear down in color. The glitter particles are smooth and comfortable and I don't feel these on my eyes at all when I'm wearing them as you sometimes do with heavier products such as creams, glitters or layered products. Their foiled, metallic finish with tiny bits of iridescent glitters sparkling at different angles are absolutely unmatched (for me, as of yet). I can't find anything that I personally don't like about these, although if you go for a more neutral shadow look all of the time you most likely won't be into these. 

I took two sets of swatches in different lighting so you could really get an idea of how they really look. 

So, which one do you think I should go for next? I think it'll be Vega. Even though I don't wear blue shadows that often anymore, this one looks so unique! Decisions, decisions! 

Do you already have some of these Urban Decay Liquid Moondust Shadows of your own? I think they are worth every cent! Urban Decay has them on their website as do Ulta and Sephora of course if your still curious about them at all. If you've tried other liquid formulas and love them, please do recommend them to me in the comments form, I love hearing from you!

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