Serendipity Kosher Creamery & Yogurt Cafe of Surfside Florida

Have you ever had cereal and milk flavored ice cream? Neither have I! If you were looking for it I actually know of a place that serves some. Serendipity Kosher Creamery &Yogurt Cafe in Surfside Florida is well known for their exotic flavored ice creams but they aren't just your run of the mill ice cream shop! We went in there on a particularly humid day and were pleased to find all sorts of delicious treats from ice cream to frozen yogurt, a fridge full of cold drinks, milk shakes and iced coffee too. Pints of their famous flavors are available in the refrigerator for purchase as well if you aren't satisfied with just a couple of scoops. It's a small shop but there was lots of room to sit with a counter and stools set up along a wall as well as tables and chairs inside and out front. My sister got a really tasty razzle style milkshake and I ordered some cheesecake ice cream like no other. My young ones enjoyed cotton candy flavored ice cream scoops and really appreciated the indoor quarters truck ride while they waited for the order to be prepared. The pricing was pretty typical and I have to say we really enjoyed our experience. I absolutely love the wall lined with jars of candy and all of the colorful decor, that is exactly what an ice cream store should look like! I definitely will recommend heading into Serendipity the next time you are Florida, it's really worth the drive from wherever you are staying. You will leave happy, refreshed and impressed as we did. 

Serendipity is located at 9457 Harding Avenue Surfside, FL 33154. Call them with any questions at 305-865-1506. 

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