Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks became all the rage at the end of last year and interestingly enough, these Revlon ones have been around far longer then all of the rest. They were first of any liquid lipsticks I ever wore and ever since purchasing my very first one years ago, my collection has grown. I'm bringing you 5 of my all time favorite shades today. These are the ones I repurchase at the first sign I'm running low as well as well as having quickly become true staples in my makeup artists kit.

Wear time truly depends on the person wearing these but this formulation can often last up to 48 hours on me. I know, sounds outrageous but when I actually need it to last that long (think yom tov or shabbos) I make sure to utilize several great techniques to ensure the product doesn't budge. Layering doesn't cause it to ball up at all which means more layers = better staying power.

The consistency is nice and smooth and not sticky at all when set. They aren't dry or uncomfortable feeling at all once set either. When I finally scrub them off, I am left with cracked lips in need of a lot of moisture, not ideal but nothing a great lip balm can't fix. I think this is a detail that comes along with many liquid formulations as it often means better staying power. 

The applicator is your typical tapered doe foot wand but the actual wand is pretty long which I find makes it easier when applying. The packaging is nice as well with large lettering and clear sides to see the color your choosing.

These come quite packed with product as well. I tend to need a refill every 3-4 months when I wear one consistently.

The collection comes with 12 shades to choose from varying from the beige nudes to brown nudes, pinks, reds and violets. There is almost definitely something to suit anyone. I do feel like they could expand the line a bit either way. Many of these have come in and out of my collection but there are 5 specific shades that I always make sure to hang on to- 1) buffest beige- the perfect cream toned nude 2) ultimate orchid- a just right violet pink 3) #1 nude- another great nude but with brown tones 4) stellar sunrise- a true teeth whitening red 5) premium pink- a coral pink red. All of these are worn in the images below if you want to see how they actually look on the lips. 

Back in the day I remember saying my pennies for one of these tubes at $11.99 they are pricey for drugstore products. The best time to grab one is when the local CVS or Walgreens has a buy one get one 50% off on Revlon products.  

Have you given any of these liquid lipsticks a try? What did you think of them if you have? Let me know in the comments form if you'd like, I absolutely love hearing from you!

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