Preserving Memories By Printing Photos

Time & time again a friend or family member comes over and pretty soon into their visit they are marveling over my insane collection of photo albums. They often flip through them and enjoy the memories as much as me and my family do. On several occasions someone will say how much they regret not having printed photos over the years. I would have to thank my mom in this regards because I think it his her emphasis and care for memories and old photographs that really pushes me to do the same. When we were all little she had a memory box for each of us, I still have it in my basement and it sits beside the two memory boxes I created for each of my little boys. Inside are hospital bands, first shoes and birthday cards from our childhood. I cherish mine and hope my boys will as well one day. The process of organizing which images you'd like to print, uploading them to a platform from which to print from and then actually setting size and quality and adding them to a cart to actually print them is quite a tedious process. Organizing each photo and then inserting them into albums is time consuming as well. The final result is wonderful and so worth it though. I love watching my 7 year old as he turns each page with wide eyes, impressed with all of the places he's been and all of the great times we've had together as a family. Even our little guy who's not 2 yet really seems to love looking through them when we pull them out. 

Here are some of my tips for preserving memories and printing your photos:

A) If you think it's too late to start, it isn't. Start today. Take all of those images that are sitting in the camera roll on your phone and in the vacation pictures file in your computer and upload them to a photo printing platform. In a year from now and 2 more you will be amazed at how happy you are to look back on all of the great memories you've preserved. This also means you will be able to delete the images and declutter your camera roll and computer (although saving them on a drive for a while is not a bad idea to print doubles or if one ever gets lost. I keep to a kind of rule where I order every time I have about 500 photos to print or at least every 6 months so as not to forget what order they belong in once putting them into my albums. 

B) Do some research and figure out which printing platform is best for you. I used to be all about Snapfish because they had a great tell a friend for free prints program. I would send links out to family and friends and get free prints for the recommendation. Lately their quality is not as good as it used to be so I am actually searching for something new. Shutterfly seems decent in price in comparison and I've created calendars and photo books through them but haven't printed any pictures with them yet. High resolution photos are worth every scent!

C) Purchase large photo albums that fit up to 400 photos in at a time. I like these because not only is there more images on a page but it means preserving some space on my shelves and inserting my pictures all in one sitting. 

D) Print doubles for friends and family in your images, they will appreciate it so much and possibly get inspired to start a photo album of their own. 

E) Don't put off inserting your images into your albums. In fact, order a few empty albums in advance so you always have one on hand when there are pictures to put in. Spend an afternoon and watch a movie on the couch while you organize your photos. Then put them into your books very soon after so that they don't end up sitting in their envelopes and collecting dust on a shelf where no-one will actually want to look through them. 

Those are my photo printing tips. I have many more where those came from too so leave me your questions or tips of your own in the comments form!

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