Mac Cosmetics Pigments - Vanilla, Rose, Blue Brown, Tan & Copper Sparkle

I believe Mac were the first in the cosmetic industry to offer a makeup pigment type product. Since then many companies have followed suit and created their own versions. Pressed pigments and cream shadows came next. Mac will still be the first to have formulated the plan in my mind. I see myself in the future telling my kids about these pigments and getting funny looks from them. I mean we have liquid shadows now to replace pigments and the like so what will be next and what will be revolutionized when my kids are my age? It's an interesting thought. 

I'm featuring only 5 colors today but I have others in my collection, some are little sample pots and there are others that just don't impress as much. Here's how these work: I always start application with a cream base, preferably dark in color so that these pigments stick down well, don't move around and reach their highest potential in color. Next, I spray a flat shader eye brush with some of Mac's Fix+ spray and dip into the product with my brush. I like to then run it over the back of my hand a little bit to mix the powder product with the liquid product (I didn't even like chemistry in high school). The little tiny powder particles mixing with the fix+ charged water come together to form a slightly thick liquid product which is so easy to apply and gorgeously glittery and metallic once spread onto the lid. 

There are as many downsides to this product as there are good ones. 

The good- you get an enormous amount of product in each vial, I use them a boat load and I have yet to run out of a single pigment or even make a dent in one in all my makeup years. When applied on top of a good base ( I usually turn to Mac's Blacktrack Fluid Line Gel Liner) they stick around for a full 8-12 hours and they are high color, high metallic, high shine products. These are available in 42 shades, yes that's right! From bold bright yellows to navy, purple, green and gold you've got every color you'd ever want. They cost $22.00 a pop but I justify that for the amount of product you get which basically lasts you a lifetime. Also, with my makeup artists discount I can get these for a very affordable, almost drugstore cost. 

The downsides- you need a product like fix+ in combination with one like this because they need to be wet to bind which makes it a bit high maintenance. Also, there's no sifter so when you twist off the black cap you find a little plastic cover which you remove for each application to immeditately find the actual teeny tiny powder product. This is potentially very dangerous if you accidentally elbow one over onto the beautiful white carpet in your beauty room. Either way, they tend to be extremely messy to work with. Another not so great detail is that the matte choices for me are just terrible, chalky, hard to blend on the outer edges etc. so you'll want to stick to the glittery, shimmery ones with these. They need some time and precision to be applied just right or they fall everywhere, they are also impossible to wipe away without leaving streaks of color behind, way to ruin a perfect face of makeup! To avoid that, I always apply my eye makeup first when working with these and then apply my face makeup last after cleaning up any fallout. 

Of all the ones I own/have owned over the years, there are 5 I like best- Copper Sparkle, Vanilla, Blue Brown, Rose and Tan are the ones I use most. I've done many tutorials using these so I'll link a couple of those here and here for reference. 
I'm just waiting for a brand to come out with as many shades as there are here in a great liquid format at this point. Although I don't think I truly will ever be able to replace any of these, I do prefer something with an easier application.

L to R: Copper Sparkle, Rose, Vanilla, Tan & Blue Brown.

Have you given any of these Mac pigments a try? If you have, what do you think of them? If you haven't, do you plan to? 

Mac's pigments are available at any of their stores or online here

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