New Year, New Goals

Sometimes I get in a little rut. Not writers block exactly, maybe just a mix of a little lack of inspiration and day to day busyness. I absolutely love blogging and I knew that I would get back into the swing of things eventually and finally I have. I find that when this kind of thing happens the best thing for me to do is just take a step back from all of my social media, evaluate everything and then very slowly start working on little details to get back into things. In the past several weeks I've been recording new videos, editing subscription boxes and getting things prepared to get back into it all so that once I did it would be an easy transition. I have all sorts of exciting things coming your way so get ready for it!

I'm pumped to be back and even more pumped about this new year and all of it's opportunities. I bought myself a new planner and to do list notebook and I've been trying to set myself attainable goals each day, week and month. This plan was what kept me on track last year and I was truly successful in meeting so many marks I had placed for myself because of it. I'm looking forward to a year of self introspection, enhanced spirituality, improved organization and time management and most importantly prioritization of family. I have so many goals and thoughts but here are 9 main things I am hoping to gain towards in year 2017. They aren't in a specific order, I feel they are all equally important to me. They are also quite general. I will most likely cover them more in depth in the coming months as I chip away at them.

Goal #1 Growth in all areas of being a mom, wife, sibling, daughter and friend.

Goal #2 Drink more water, eat healthier and keep to my consistent exercise routine.

Goal #3 Spiritual growth. There are many facets to this but I am leaving it here for now.

Goal #4 Get even more organized at home, write even more more lists and declutter further.

Goal #5 Keep at the home improvement in decor, remodeling and anything that will promote organization and comfort while creating a more cozy environment.

Goal #6 Travel more to areas of the world I have never been and explore the area I live in too, from new restaurants to architectural monuments.

Goal #7 Set aside more time to learn more about photography, blogging, writing, creating videos and editing to make this blog an even better place to hang out.

Goal #8 Take more risks with food and cooking and explore different cuisines and cooking methods.

Goal #9 Be more social and put in more effort into meeting likeminded and inspirational individuals. 

Those are my goals. 

Fresh starts are always so invigorating for me and I'm really looking forward to another excellent year of growth, goal achievement and new opportunities. 

What goals are you anticipating working towards this year? Let us know in the comments form and inspire us! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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