Chanel Chance Eau De Parfum Spray

Scents always will be personal considering they smell different on every person when they mix with each individuals scent. I will never leave the house without a spritz of something on my neck. I love when I'm just going about my day and I get a whiff of whatever it is I put on that morning.

I picked this Chanel bottle out at the airport on my way home from the Dominican Republic this time last year because what else should you be doing while waiting for a flight home but roaming through aisles upon aisles of sweet scents. It ended up being one of those impulsive on a whim purchases that I don't regret at all.

I believe there are a couple of different versions of Chanel's Chance. This is my favorite of them so far. It has notes of vanilla, pronounced jasmine and iris as well as intense white musk.

This specific scent is everything you would expect from Chanel. It's classy, indulgent and luxurious in every way possible. This is not one of those perfumes you want to pack with you on travels but it is just the thing to put on display at home on a vanity shelf with it's gorgeous glass bottle and golden color. 

I often tend to go for rollerball sized perfumes since they are so easy to toss in a purse when your heading out or pack in for a night away. When I really fall in love with a scent I purchase a full size so that I will have a lot of time to wear it before it runs out. 

I recommend giving this one a whiff if you come across it, I think it's one of those really classic scents that will work for alot of different people. I like to reserve it for special occasions or date nights because it's Chanel after all and it isn't cheap at around $124 for this size. Do you have any scents like this one in your own collection that you just feel really lovely about every time you wear it? Name me some of your favorites, I am always looking to smell a little something fresh! 

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