What I Eat In A Day While on Vacation (Video)

This is not a typical What I Eat In A Day post. On a normal day I attempt to eat balanced low calorie meals to keep me well nourished while maintaining my healthy weight. While on vacation things are a bit different. I do keep my workout routine the same, exercising for 30-40 minutes each morning. I do not keep track of my calorie intake though at all while away on vacation like I was a few weeks ago. We went to Florida for 10 days with the family and to fully enjoy my vacation I made sure to visit every restaurant on my Miami list, yes I keep a list! See exactly what I ate in this weeks video here or read until the end of the post where it will be inserted as always.

 In the mornings I always have my coffee after my workout and then often follow that with my bowl of cereal which is usually Kellogs Special K Fruit & Yogurt Crunchy Rice & Wheat Flakes, one of my favorites. For lunch on this particular day we ate at Beyond By Shemtovs which meant a refreshing frappaccino for me, mac n cheese fritters shared around the table and a portabella panini to finish it off right. For dinner we ate takeout from Kosh Miami, a sushi and grill place in Surfside. I very much enjoyed my Korean Beef which was just crispy enough with a sweet sauce and bite sized vegetables. 

Food makes a vacation that much more enjoyable so I make sure to relax a little bit in that concern while away. I want to inspire those of you attempting to keep to a healthy diet to keep it balanced. I also wanted to show that even though I am always talking about healthy eating, I too treat myself  especially if I am away on a much needed vacation.

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