Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

When I purchase a summer shade and a winter shade of my foundation you know things are getting serious! Finding a foundation should be easy since I have pretty normal/ combination fair skin with neutral undertones. It isn't. Because I am combination skin I have strict criteria for how a foundation interacts with my skin. In the summer and early fall my t-zone is still oily and I need my foundation to play that down as well as not attach itself to any dry parts in the late fall and winter time. Also, I have very decent skin most of the time aside from a hormonal spot or two from time to time so although I like a medium coverage to cover the redness and slight hyper pigmentation in my cheeks, I don't need anything more then that. So, you see I have to be very picky in my foundation selection. I  tested at least 10 different foundations very seriously before coming across this gem.  

So let me tell you what I adore about this foundation. It has a slightly runny consistency when it's first pumped out and you do get some play time to blend it nicely and evenly into the skin before it sets in place. It has a medium but buildable coverage so it almost completely covers any problem areas but sometimes does need to be combined with a concealer to get things 100% flawless looking which I do anyways most of the time. It sets to a really pretty finish, not too matte and also not too glowey.  The actual product lasts on my skin for hours at a time without moving around at all or needing to be touched up whatsoever. I get a full days wear and then some every time. I do like to use it atop primed skin of course which certainly does help with wear time. I need two pumps for my entire face with bringing it down onto my neck as well which means the foundation itself with 1 oz. of product lasts me months.  I did purchase a second shade now that we're heading into the cooler months when my natural golden summer color is beginning to fade. In the summer I go for "light medium beige" and lately I've been wearing my new shade "light medium neutral". 

The packaging is beautiful and very substantial with it's light glass bottle, gold writing and purple dispenser screw on lid.  The thing I most despise about this foundation would have to be that dropper though. I think it was totally unnecessary. It's messy and builds product up in the bottle entrance and it is annoying to use. It does allow the perfect amount of product to be dispensed but it still isn't a great idea otherwise. I find that the dropper doesn't reach the bottom of the bottle either so when you think the product is finished there really is at least 15-20 more wears of product in the bottom of the bottle that you then have to figure out how to get out for use. 

The detail that brings this foundation to top foundation status for me is the way it photographs.  It just looks like really perfect skin in person but it looks like airbrushed perfect skin when photographed and it has therefore become the product I turn to when heading to an event in the evening when I know I'll be in photographs or even to record videos and take blog photos. It does not fail to please time and time again! 

Also it's scented not in a bothersome way but in a very lovely way that you get a whiff of something nice only as you apply. To sweeten the deal, Tarte is well known for their natural ingredients and I think that plays well into the fact that this foundation doesn't clog my pores and has never given me any breakouts or reactions whatsoever. 

I know $39.00 may sound like a lot of money for a foundation but I would pay it every time for the perfect face it promises. I have mentioned this product in favorites videos and played with it on camera in makeup tutorials before and no matter what face products I test in the future this one will always hold a special place. I know that no matter what I can always turn to this one in a pinch.

Have you given any of this foundation a try? What did you think of it if you have? Let me know in the comments form if you'd like, I absolutely love hearing from you!

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