Kosher By Design Brings It Home By Susie Fishbein Cookbook Review + Giveaway

I remember falling in love with Susie's Kosher By Design series from the time I opened my first book which happened to have been the one with the pink cover called "Kosher By Design Entertains." Back in 2012 I named that book amongst my top 8 kosher cookbooks of the moment and I still do crack that book open from time to time as there are several great recipes that I know I can turn to any time I'm in a bind. 

Now, Susie has released the last book in her Kosher by Design series and I'd have to say of them all this one called Kosher By Design Brings It Home has to be my favorite. In it she reveals recipes inspired by her travels while demoing and demonstrating her recipes across the world from Israel all the way to Mexico. Reading the background of each recipe in the paragraph or more she included along with each one and seeing the stunning images of marketplaces and produce so unique to each territory was a true treat. The bold ethnic flavors leaping off each page had the power to transport me there even for a millisecond in my mind. 

Also! I'm giving away a copy, so read until the end of the post to see all of the details on how to enter.

This sturdy hardcover book boasts tantalizing full size images which adorn every page opposite a clearly written recipe with variation ideas to customize it to your taste. I definitely felt a healthier whole foods vibe with this one which is nice for those of us trying to maintain a healthier diet. Although there are plenty of interesting new ingredients that I had yet to hear of listed throughout, it is balanced by many that can easily be found on the shelves at your local grocery, if not similar variations. The only real criticism I can give is that I wish there were more dairy recipes throughout the book. Being a dairy fiend, I never have enough pastas and cheesey quiche recipes under my belt. On the other hand, she certainly did cover the other categories perfectly from fish dishes to grains, sides and all sorts of meats.

All in all, Susie has done it yet again exquisitely with another beautiful masterpiece of a cookbook. I absolutely adored reading from cover to cover on a long summer shabbos afternoon from the comfort of my hammock.  The best part was obviously cooking up some of the extraordinary recipes inside. My favorite would have to be the porcini crusted sea bass with it's unique flavors and simple to follow instructions.

Do you own this cookbook? What do you think of it if you do? If you do not, are you hoping to add it to your collection? 

*This cookbook was provided to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own honest ones! 

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