Friday Fashion: My Mermaid/Peacock Gown Design Background/ What I Wore to My Nieces Wedding

This Tuesday another niece on my husbands side of the family got married. I wanted to share the look I wore for the evening as well as give a little background on how the dress came about.

The familys color scheme of choice was emerald green which I was a little iffy on from the start and for all the right reasons. I spent hours searching the web for the perfect emerald green gown and came up with nada. My friend Michal who you would know as THE FASHION DETOUR on instagram has an incredible fashion sense and eye for detail in all things fashion. I was talking about my search with her and we decided to hit up some her favorite vintage shops to see if they might have something interesting. We made a night out of it, if you follow me on snapchat (gittykatz123) you would probably have seen some fun snippets of it all. So here's the thing with these vintage shops, they are filled wall to wall with racks and racks of clothes pressed up closely together and to actually score great finds you need to spend time pulling each piece out and moving items along. We had high hopes when we walked into our first store for the night but came across nothing time and time again. We walked into then last store as the clerk was calling out 5 minutes to closing. At this point we had begun to dishearten. And then Michal pulls out an exquisite, but knee length emerald and blue metallic dress with a DVF- Diane Von Furstenberg label off a rack to ask my opinion on it. As soon as I saw it I knew that with it's emerald tones, it was going to be the one! We managed to get the store clerks to allow us to use the fitting room super quick and left elated with all sorts of ideas and plans running through our minds. 

In the next several weeks, I spent alot of time looking at fabrics in dozens of stores around my area. I only finally found the ones I had my heart set on in a shop upstate near my parents home when I visited for the holiday. Why this shade of emerald green tulle and emarald green silk lining materiel is so difficult to acquire I still cannot understand. It was another very close to closing situation but the store owner was so lovely and helpful with suggestions and measurements from start to finish! As I was wrapping things up, I noticed a strip of peacock looking feathers and although I hadn't even planned to incorporate anything more then the tulle I realized that it would be the perfect addition to bring it all together! My seamstress Marina is the one who made it all happen in the end. She listened to all of my thoughts and ideas on exactly how I thought I wanted it to look and polished them to create my masterpiece. When I arrived for my first fitting I could not believe how perfectly it had actually all come together. I wanted a dress that was different, something that was one of a kind and I couldn't have hoped for anything better.

There were many bumps in the road, one of which included a zipper problem a few moments to leaving for the wedding, sorted out by Marina on the spot luckily! It was worth all of the time and patience. I have never felt more confident and comfortable in a dress in my life. I had fun with the finishing touches adding my favorite CR LUXE gold and silver studded stilettos, a pair of emerald green Jem & Jules Persephone Drop Earrings, chrome metallic green nails ( which will be featured in a nails of the day post next week) and a glittery green eye look to bring it all together. 

It was a beautiful night from start to finish. The bride and groom make an adorable couple and I wish them many many many years of great happiness together!

I love when I get the opportunity to go all out and dress up and this occasion was no exception! Let me know what you think of my look in the comments form below, I absolutely love hearing from you! 

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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