Milani Every Day Eyes Powder Eye Shadow Collection 01 Must Have Naturals Palette

When I visit with my sisters we often have a look through each others makeup bags and play around a bit, swatching and smelling and what not.  On one such occasion a few months back, my sister pulled out a beautiful gold packaged eye shadow palette I had surprisingly not heard of yet. I know the brand well but this was new to me. She then proceeded to show me how much payoff they have by swiping her finger through each shade. She had me at that deep black one. Just a few days later I made an excuse about some empty shampoo or shaving gel and got myself to the drugstore to get myself one. I've since heard people calling it a "Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe" and although I see the similarity I wouldn't go so far as to say that. 

I've already touched on what I think of the glamorous gold packaging with it's clear lid. It adds pizazz for sure. It also comes with a black and gold dual ended brush which I managed to misplace fairly quickly but actually thought was very decent in comparison to what usually comes along with palettes like these. It actually does a good job of laying down color and using the fluffy side you can get a good blend too. 

 I love the choice of shades for these palettes of which there are 5 others to choose from. I went for the cool toned neutrals because it's what I'm most comfortable with for every day. There is a warm neutrals palette, one for great smokey eyes. a bright and colorful one and even an earth toned version that I'm already eyeing as my next one to try. A mix of shimmers and mattes make it very easy to create multiple looks and the black shade in this specific palette is excellent to use for liner or just smoking out the lower lash line. 

This would be a perfect beginners palette with a full eye look description with images to show where each shade should be applied. It also helps that it's only $9.99 at the local U.S. drugstore which means it's also budget friendly for the high school or college individual. 

While these shades are ultra high in pigment in buttery smooth to touch they didn't completely please this picky lady. I was able to get a few really great eye looks one of which I uploaded as an eye makeup tutorial here. I just felt like they were a little difficult to work with when it came to working them into each other and having them blend into one another. The individual shades on their own apply nicely and evenly it seems. Being that I have a great appreciation for highly metallic shadows the shimmers came up a little short in performance as well. This is why it would make a great every day palette for the typical person. It is also why I passed it on to my mother as a part of a birthday gift I recently gave her. She will get much more use out of it! I am not writing these palettes off yet though. I will certainly give some of the other versions a go.

Have you given any of these eye shadow palettes a try? If you have, what did you think of them? If you haven't do you want to? 

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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