Battle of The Brushes: Tangle Teezer Vs. The Wet Brush By Cala

My natural hair is long, thick and often tangled and knotty. It is very necessary for me to have a great detangling brush around and on hand at all times for this reason. I've had several decent ones over the years but nothing that quite trumped these latests ones. I've actually loved each of these for a time but recently decided that of the two there was one I could live without while the other needed a few backups in the hair drawer in case I ever lost it. I've decided to compare the two in a little battle of the brushes if you will. 

The major difference between the two would have to be the fact that the Wet Brush has a handle while the Tangle Teezer does not. Both are easy to hold and fit nicely into the palm of my hand but the classic handle is a much better fit for me. 

The Tangle Teezer is wider and does not have tiny balls at the ends of it's bristles of which it has a lot more then the wet brush which means it actually does a slightly quicker job of detangling but is also just a bit more rough on the hair. I will add that when paired with a good conditioning spray these don't tug on my ends or irritate my scalp as I'm running through my hair. This is the entire purpose of my using a wet brush in the first place. 

Both of these work well on wet or dry hair. And I love the bright colors chosen for each as well. 

A small rather insignificant detail still worth a mention is the wording. The tangle teezer name is actually inscribed into the brush while the wording for the Wet Brush is just printed on. Since I use it on wet hair often I can imagine the wording of the second to wear off slowly. It hasn't budged yet. 

When it came down to it The Wet Brush by Cala won for me. I just find the handle to be much easier to maneuver when brushing my long, thick and knotty hair. I also feel more comfortable with the balls on the end of those bristles protecting my hair a bit as they run through while doing an excellent job of detangling and brushing through my hair. 

Have you given either of these brushes a try? If you haven't do you want to? Let me know in the comments form, I would love to hear your opinions!

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