Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Colors in Red Velvet & Pinkerbell

Every beauty gal seems to be talking about those liquid lipsticks that are all the rage at the moment. For good reason, a great one will need no touch ups throughout the day. I have several to talk about in the very near future as well, but that will be for another day. Today lets have a look at something different. Something a bit more affordable. Very affordable in fact at just $1.99. And you don't have to wait for them to arrive in your mail, they are available in many local drugstores in the U.S. 

I've owned these Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks long before I even knew I would be a makeup artist and beauty blogger. And I always go back to them for a good matte lip that's comfortable to wear while lasting nicely throughout the day.

Although they go on quite smooth and aren't difficult to wear, they do suck all of the moisture out of your lips. So it's the kind of thing I will wear every other day to avoid overly chapped lips. Applying lip balm before and after wearing one of these certainly works wonders too. Just a little tidbit to keep in mind. 

These come in 26 different shades ranging from purples, to nudes, light pinks, bright red etc. so there really is something for everyone. And each one is packed with color. This means one coat and you are out the door. And because they are matte in finish, the color lasts about 5 hours, leaving behind a nice tint once worn off. They don't set onto the lips like a liquid lipstick would so they will leave a kiss mark on a loved ones cheek as well as a lip color rim on the side of your coffee mug. Even after eating, drinking, or blotting the lips they are still pretty full color on the lips though. 

The packaging is a bit cheap but that is to be expected for this sort of pricetag. The black twist up tube is decently made though. I like the clear lid to see which color is which in a hurry. And the stickered bottoms proudly proclaiming those cute names are a small but wonderful detail in my opinion. These two specific shades- pinkerbell, a pretty mauvey pink and red velvet, a teeth- whitening bright red are the ones I tend to wear most from my collection of these. 

Anyways, I'm sure it is clear that I absolutely love these lipsticks. I will continue to purchase them in all different shades. I tend to wear them on a weekday when I'm out and about and don't have time to touch up. For special occasions and evening events I will stick with my liquid lipsticks. 

Have you given any of these Wet N Wild Megalast Lip colors a try? What did you think of them if you have? If you haven't do you want to? Please recommend me your favorite lipsticks of the moment too!

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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