My Top Gear for Working Out at Home

I've always been more of a work out at home at my own pace kind of girl. I did do the whole gym membership thing for a little while and while it was enjoyable and different, I ended up back in my comfort zone- at home. I often get asked about how I do it and what I use. Today I want to share some of my favorite work out from home items.

1) DVD Workouts- About a year after my oldest son was born I began getting antsy about getting back into shape and this was not long after Chalene Johnson released her Turbo Fire series. I ordered myself a set and I fell in love with it. Of all the workout instructors I've ever seen, she is the one I feel I connected with most. Her personality is so catchy and she really knows how to motivate! I did really well with that program but all things do get boring after a time so it's important to switch it up. I do sometimes go back to it for a good HIT workout when I'm in the mood for it.

2) Biking- I've been talking about getting a bike for years. We finally built some shelves in our shed and made some room for bikes. This summer I finally purchased my first adult sized bike. If you follow me on snapchat and instagram then you have heard all about it. I love getting my helmet on and going for nice ride after a long day! I am finally beginning to see definition in areas of my body I've never seen before.

3)  Jumping rope- This may seem like a strange one but when I don't have time to fit in a workout on some nights, my only choice is something quick and simple to get my heart rate going and help me stick to my routine. I've seen my father do this for years and I recently got one of my own. It's not as great as his real rope one with the red weighted handles but it does have a counter to keep track of the jumps!

4) Treadmill- Running is another quick way to burn calories and fat and get in shape fast. I love getting on my treadmill and running for a good 40 minutes while listening to some good tunes or just catching up with some of my favorite youtube families through their daily vlogs. The model I have is the Horizon Fitness T101 and it has a built in fan, water bottle space and ledge for my phone or iPad. It certainly does the trick. 

5) Yoga Mat- This is what I use when I'm doing my core, muscle and toning workouts. I even partake in some yoga from youtube and books I take out from the library on occasion. The floor I do my workouts on is wooden and so a mat is very necessary to keep things smooth, slip free and comfortable. 

These are some of the workout gear items I currently use for my home workouts. I am always looking for new ideas to step up my game and change things up. 

What are your favorite workout at home items? Do you prefer working out at home or at the gym/ with a class?

Let me know in the comments form, I would love to get your input!

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