My Tips for Keeping Life Organized

I have never in my life had things as organized as they are today. In high school I was embarrassingly that girl with clothes strewn on my bed and floor, crumbled homework sheets, ponytail holders, lip glosses and many other random odds and ends under the bed. My room was a disaster and it wasn't very healthy. Only when I married my husband and moved in with him did I realize the benefits to keeping things tidy (besides for the obvious one of keeping that neat man happy). Fast forward many years and I write daily to do lists, blog post schedules, weekly meal plans, shopping lists and travel itineraries. Lists are just one part of keeping my life organized and sane. It promotes productivity and keeps my thoughts decluttered as well. I am grateful to my husband every day because he definitely showed me the ropes and got me started with it all. I have some bad days or weeks but all in all it's become a way of life for me. Sometimes I lose inspiration and I just feel blah and getting things in order really helps get me out of a funk. I'm hoping that by sharing some of my tips for how I keep my day to day life organized I can help some of you if you are in a similar situation. 

Here it is: 

1. Start the day with one small organizational action and end it with one as well. This may sound silly but my morning goal is to make the bed each morning. I stand the pillows up, fold pajamas and place them behind the pillows, straighten out the sheet and straighten out the blanket. When I come into my room after a long day something about a freshly made bed really makes me feel like I am one step ahead already. The room seems 90% more neat already. In the evening I straighten up my makeup vanity top which becomes a night table/work table sometimes and therefore ends up looking quite messy. I almost always have brushes and palettes strewn across it from my quick makeup application in the morning, wipes, pens, antibiotics cream, return slips, sd cards, my lens case etc. These are all things that get cleared and put neatly away before I go to sleep. 

2. Pick one room, area or even cabinet/closet to clean or straighten up each day or week. I clean my home, fold laundry and wash the dishes on my own. I find that by picking one room a day and thoroughly cleaning it I accomplish what I need to do for the week easily. Of course there are those days that I am especially busy and only get around to organizing a small area or sweeping floors. Even if this means de-cluttering your purse  or putting the spice cabinet in order, you are getting something done that will promote a neater space in the big picture of things. When I keep to this sort of schedule I've set up for myself, it keeps things going smoothly. 

3. Write it down. Take some time each day, it only has to be a few minutes and write a quick list of things you'd like to accomplish for the day. I use a very basic marble composition notebook for this. I simply date it at the top and then write my to do list. At the end of the day it is so satisfying to cross off all of the things I've accomplished. On Sunday mornings I take out my blog calendar which is a basic planner I got at Target in January and write in all of the blog posts titles I plan to write for the week and write a small to do list for what I'd like to get done and when. Things like taking pictures, writing my posts and uploading videos all get written down as reminders. Another Sunday morning task is writing my weekly dinner menu and shopping list. I plan all of my dinners and then check my refrigerator, freezer and pantry to see what I already have while making my shopping list. Writing lists is so helpful, try it and you'll get hooked too. 

4. Remember that there are only 24 hours a day. While keeping organized and planning are so important for keeping day to day life going smooth, remember that there are only 24 hours a day, 6-8 of which you should be getting sleep. You are human so don't forget to give yourself a break. Schedule in some time for hobbies and small things that make you happy even if it means watching a short tv show or doing a workout routine. Get a good nights sleep as well because this will only help you be more productive in the days to follow. 

I am still learning so many great techniques for keeping life organized as I go along. I will certainly share more as I learn them. I hope these that this will be helpful to someone as I am also reminding myself to keep to them. Please share your own suggestions on the subject in the comments form, we can all use some inspiration, I'm sure! 

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