Morphe Brushes 35U Multi Color Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette

If you watch any youtube at all then you have heard of the Morphe brushes brand. After seeing how buttery and pigmented their eye shadows were and somehow missing my chance at the Jaclyn Hill favorites palette, I decided to make an order. Not just for an eyeshadow palette though, I picked out some brushes as well. I have been using them constantly ever since. As for the palette, here are my thoughts:

The packaging is a bit bulky because of how many shadows are inside as well as the pan size. It's a bit junky looking as well. But it's totally understandable with it's price tag of just $19.99.

The shadows have alot of fallout and must be used with a primer or cream shadow to keep from moving around throughout the day. Even as you dip a brush into the pan, they kick up a whole lot of dust, creating quite the mess.

The colors themselves are vibrant and pigmented and beautiful. They blend well and go on nicely but can be a bit dusty and lose vibrancy throughout the day. It was really a hit or miss with many of the shades though. The deep forest green, burgundy and copper ones as well as that white highlight shade in the last row on the bottom, all the way to the right are some of my favorites this palette has to offer. 

In this specific palette all of the colors are shimmery or metallic which is what I tend to vear towards when picking shadows but I need to get my hands of one of their mixed palettes at some point so I will have some matte shades to utilize for my looks.

I also wish they had names or numbers as someone who uses my eye shadows in tutorials and has a hard time describing colors. If you want to see this palette in action, I've used it a bunch of times in tutorials on my youtube channel, so go check that out here if you are curious about that.

I ended up giving this specific to one of my sisters who is just starting to play with eye shadow colors and textures more and will most certainly enjoy it more then me at the moment. I will be ordering other palettes of theirs in the future though as there are some that are meant to be top quality apparently!

Have you given any Morphe Brushes products a try? What did you think of them if you have?  If you haven't do you want to?

Let me know in the comments form, along with any other opinions you may have, I love hearing from readers!

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