Hobbies For Happiness: The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book from Creativ Books

I get asked questions often like these ones: "How are you so relaxed?" or "How are you so happy all of the time?" or "How do you have so much time for your hobbies?. So I thought it would be really great to start a new little series called "Hobbies for Happiness" and answer some of these questions while offering some tips.

I think my relaxed nature is actually just something I was born with. It's not always a good thing, sometimes being overly relaxed can actually land you in trouble. But it's good to have a balance and I feel lucky to have the personality I do. Now as for being happy all of the time, I'm not. I don't think anyone possibly can be. In this world, bad things happen around us constantly and it's not always easy to be happy.

And that's where I come around to the hobbies and the coloring book. 

I have a creative personality and I realized that it is the creative hobbies that make me feel great joy. Things like scrapbooking, cooking, biking, applying a face of makeup, coloring and even blogging are excellent outlets for me. If I've had a long stressful day I will automatically turn to one of these things to unwind and get relaxed once again. 

Sometime this year I was gifted this beautiful detailed adult coloring book called the Ultimate All-In One Adult Coloring book and it's by a company called Creativ Books of creativbooks.com. The Stabilo markers and gel pens I use to color with can easily be found on amazon. I've gotten through so much of this book already and I cannot believe how much I've been enjoying it. The small intricate sections mean you need to really focus on keeping within the lines and you can really get creative with all of the different colors. As you can see I am not close to finishing this specific page. It'll take me a few days of sitting down to it for 20 minute intervals to complete it. Obviously the book was made for me with this owl print right? But the real reason I like this Adult coloring book over all others is the fantastic spiral bind that makes it easy to flip pages, find your place and color in without having to hold the book open at the same time.

I plan to describe more of my hobbies and how they help me feel happy and relaxed in future Hobbies for Happiness posts. Please do leave me comments letting me know what you find useful to ground yourself and keep positive energy flowing at the end of a long hard day or in the midst of a tough situation. I am sure we could all use some inspiration where that is concerned.

Do you own an adult coloring book? Have you found it relaxing to fill in those little sections and finish a hard page? If you don't, you may want to give this one a try! 

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