The Canteen, Kosher Brooklyn Restaurant

We visited The Canteen with the family one Sunday night when the summer first began. I immediately fell in love with the eclectic vibe of the place. I wondered why I had not been there sooner, I had never heard of them and came across the restaurant by chance one day enroute to a nearby Target. They are easy to spot with their large attractive overhead sign and graffite accent wall.

When we arrived at dinner time, the place was actually packed. It cleared out very soon after as people were already finishing up and we got a table easily. They are a counter service style and you can find paper menus at the front register where you also place your order. I did think the food was a bit pricey for the portion size but we didn't leave hungry either.

A nice addition are the fountain soda machines on one wall where you can fill up drinks on your own- a nice and simple way of serving them but it went well with their whole esthetic as well. We were happy to find many options to suit our picky 5 year old who prefers very plain foods. The dishes were also served very fast which pleased out grumbling bellies at dinner time.

We ordered the nachos which comes with guacamole, salsa, chips, ground beef and non dairy cheese sauce over it all. It was incredibly good and unique for a kosher place! The brisket sandwich left a little to be desired in my opinion with not enough sauce or toppings. To me it was simply a large toasted hero bun with loads of shredded pulled beef piled inside. I think a great sauce and some unique toppings would turn it around, otherwise it is something I can easily prepare at home.

The battered onion rings were really nice and crispy and actually unique to others like it we've ordered elsewhere in the past. Our five year old seemed very satisfied with his hot dog and fries which he kindly shared with his little brother.

Have you been to eat at The Canteen? What did you think? 

The Canteen is located at 2436 Nostrand Avenue. Phone number- (347) 702-8988

I've yet to eat at Wolf & Lamb steakhouse. I think it may be a good choice for my husbands birthday in September. Will that be next?

Have a kosher restaurant you love or are curious about? Let me know which it is in the comments form below as I always enjoy eating in new places!  

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