My Watermelon Mojito Smoothie Recipe

One of my favorite ways to start my mornings in the Spring and Summer time is with a refreshing smoothie. Not only are they usually exceptionally healthy but also packed with nutrients to keep you feeling full for a little while (maybe even all morning). Depending what you put in, you will find yourself feeling energized and ready for whatever the day holds. Whenever I begin dieting I pack my freezer with frozen fruit and my fridge with fresh fruits, leafy greens and herbs to blend up some of these delicious smoothies because I know how great they make me feel.

Watermelon Mojito Smoothie

2 Cups Coconut Water
1/3 Cup Baby Spinach
1/3 Cup Cubed Fresh Watermelon
1/4 Cup Fresh Cubed Pineapple
1 Sprig Fresh Mint
2 Squares Earth Goodness 80% Cacao Dark Chocolate
1/2 Cup Frozen Mixed Fruits- peach, strawberry, mango
3 Tablespoons Flax and Chia Seed Mix


1. Add frozen fruits to blender first. Then fresh fruits, spinach, mint, chocolate and flax seed mix. Add coconut water last. 

2. Blend until everything is completely smooth and combined. Serve with a sprig of mint and watermelon wedge for garnish. 

I really hope you will give my Watermelon Mojito Smoothie Recipe a try! Don't forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what it was like if you do! Criticisms and advice are welcome too! And feel free to tag me on Instagram or post your photo on my facebook page as well. 

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