10 Reasons to Follow Me On Snapchat

My sister has been trying to get me onto snapchat for the longest time. I honestly didn't get the point of it and I already had a slightly unhealthy love for Instagram, so for a while there I declined. But then she was over for the weekend and sneakily downloaded it. I was hooked immediately after the first flower crown filter (kidding, I'm not that vain). Now that I am learning the ropes a bit more, I feel  sort of silly for not getting on it sooner. It's sort of fun! I do feel that the content becomes that much more interesting once you have a whole lot of people following and interacting with you on there though, which is the whole point of this post. In case you aren't yet convinced to hit that follow button, here are 10 reasons you may just want to.

My snapchat name is: gittykatz123

1. My family. I keep my family very private on Instagram and on the web in general because lets just face it the world can be a creepy place sometimes, especially out there in inter web land. I am still keeping it on the low but on snapchat you will be able to catch a glimpse of my home and family life which doesn't get shared anywhere else really.

2. I am on a health kick and take my daily workouts very seriously. I often share new workout gear I'm using and late night bike rides. Any new healthy revelations are ones I feel I certainly need to share. Get ready to see some sweat, it's not going to be pretty.

3. I love instagram so much but we all know how much more real snapchat is. Instagram has become a place where only your most glamorous perfect shot will do. Snapchat is where every day life really happens. Last week, I offered a little peak at the giant mess my bedroom was after hours of filming with the kids around, it doesn't get more real then that.

4. I love to share what I'm cooking in real time. Braiding challahs on Thursday night, Taco Tuesdays, some of my best quick recipes will be under your belt in no time. Although most of my weeknight cooking is planned and prepped, spontaneous dishes do happen as well.

5.  I share a little more about my filming and editing and will even give little sneak peeks of videos or blog posts I am working on in ahead of time.

6. I'm very honest about items that are sent to me for review and I often like to give my very first impressions pretty much immediately, tearing open boxes, tossing aside bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue paper and all.

7. I like to share my makeup looks, since I tend to play around with new products on the daily, but I am also completely confident plain faced as well so get ready to see a whole lot of the less glamorous side of me.

8. I am no fashion blogger as you know, but sometimes I do share an outfit of the day. I love leggings, head wraps and fun sunglasses but my style is certainly more casual then glamorous on the daily- you've been warned.

9. You'll be surprised but I have many more hobbies aside from makeup, cooking, snap chatting and working out. Scrapbooking for one is one of my greatest side passions when I get the time to do some. When I do, I am sure to offer up a few tidbits.

10. I think that is really all of the reasons I can possibly think of for why you should join my little snapchat family. Now I would like to give a little shoutout to 5 snap chatters I personally follow and keep up with on the daily, go check them out if you'd like- 1) Desi {desiperkins} and 2) Katy- {lusterlux} These two are youtubers and best friends. They both have the best personalities and keep my day very entertaining. 3) Jaclyn Hill-{Jaclynrhill} obviously! If you thought she was super real on youtube, check out her snaps, this girl is so genuine and I love it. 4) Chontel Duncan- {chontelduncan} not only does she have an amazing motivating personality, she's a new mom with an amazing business. I love watching her workouts, there is nothing that gives me that kick in the butt to get my workout done more. 5) Lily Pebbles {lilypebbles}- I've been watching her on youtube ever since she began making videos. Her day to day life is so interesting and fun even though she's mostly doing work and typical youtube stuff. She just has a really quirky personality and just like Jaclyn, she keeps it real!

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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