Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

If you prefer to order beauty products on the Sephora website instead of walking into a store with overwhelming shelves overflowing with amazing beauty products begging to be tested, then you may be a bit like me. I add things to my cart then fold some laundry, wash some dishes, put my kids to sleep and look back at my cart and make adjustments. It helps to take a step back sometimes for as long as a week and ensure I am ordering items I really feel are worth the splurge. That is until the Luna sleeping night oil by Sunday Riley showed up in the sample codes list and I was immediately faced with a huge dilemma. I mean the stuff is pricey and it's gotten so much talk around the web ever since it arrived to the market and obviously a girls going to get curious. So I quickly added the code to my cart and did something I rarely do. I placed the order without looking over my products or taking any time to think on them. All because of a little blue bottle of serum that needed to be tried. 

This all took place months ago and this little bottle has really hung in there. I'm not close to the bottom yet and I've been using it nightly ever since opening tearing the Sephora box open in glee as I do with all of my orders. 

In the Sephora product details this product is described as being good for all skin types and targeted as a solution for wrinkles, firmness and pores, the last being my biggest skin concern. It basically begins to sound like a magic potion! So here are my thoughts:

The actual product is a turquoise blue tinted oil that feels really light and comfortable on the skin. Just a couple of drops are needed on each application. After applying it, I do feel it sits on my skin noticeably where I can actually feel it, but as this is right before going to sleep I don't mind it too much. My skin feels slightly softer in the morning which really was lovely in the winter time. Now that the warmer months are here and I'm combination oily again, I don't have any major dry issues but the product is nice nonetheless and doesn't cause more oil production as far as I've noticed. I have not broken out using it or had any irritation, in fact I find that it calms the redness and hyper pigmentation I tend to have in my cheek area. As for the pore claims, I was hoping it would succeed in minimizing their appearance slightly, but have noticed no such difference. Retinoid oils can never be used too early in hopes of keeping skin looking young once it has aged later in life. I will always have one in my stash but I'm still hoping to find one that works just as well with a less steep price tag. I do think this product is a good one if you are fighting dryness, unevenness of the skin or are faced with hyper pigmentation concerns as I am. I will work on using this product sparingly until it finishes off. As for whether I will then purchase the full size, I am still torn. 

Have you given this Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil a try? If you have what do you think of it? If you haven't, do you think you will?

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