What I Eat In A Day ~ A Healthy Food Dairy (Video)

I think one of the biggest challenges when trying to lose weight and eat healthy is the meal planning and actual preparation. I've done a lunch prep post that I think will help you if you are just getting started and today I'm sharing a What I Eat in A Day, Healthy Food Diary video to describe the kind of meals I eat on a day to day basis. Watch it here or read until the end of the post where it will be inserted as always.

It includes time stamps to give you an even better idea of how my days look. Although my mornings are typically the same with some coffee and some kind of smoothie, everything else does change because I get very bored with eating the same meals constantly. So do keep in mind that this just portrays one day in my life. If you like getting to see these, please let me know and I will gladly do more of them. I will be sharing my zucchini marinara recipe from the video later this week, it's been one of of my favorite healthy dinners lately! If you are on a similar weight loss journey, I hope I've been helpful to you in figuring out your meals.

Some snacks.  Watch the video to see what my other meals look like of course.


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I really hope you enjoyed getting to see what meals I tend to eat throughout a typical day

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