Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, 0.16 oz, $28.00

When the entire beauty community is flooded with great appreciation for one specific concealer, you have no choice but to get one for yourself. The beauty legends have all given their seal of approval on this one and who am I to doubt the opinion of Jaclyn Hill? #amIright? :)

This concealer has incredible coverage and does feel very lightweight on the skin but it did not work for me for the simple reason that it creased up on me. This is a problem I have with almost every concealer I try. It went on really smoothly and didn't set too quickly so I had time to blend it out and work with it. I tried setting it with my Anastasia banana powder but to no avail. 

In total, there are 12 shades to choose from, only 3 of which target light skinned individuals like me which is a real downside when looking to match a very specific pale skin tone. I have not attempted to use a darker shade to contour but I am sure it could certainly be done. What with all those deep tones available, a great match could easily be found for it too.

I chose to go with the shade "Fair Neutral" as I was expecting to use it to brighten and highlight my under eye area and boy did it do an excellent job of covering up darkness and bringing light to that section of my face! Once set, it looked like I had had a thorough nights sleep without appearing to have a ton of makeup caked under my eye. It also didn't flash back when I took photos which is extremely important to me as I am in images and videos often as a beauty blogger and youtuber. 

It took me weeks of trying different methods in application to realize it just wasn't going to turn into the miracle product it is for the rest of the beauty world raving about it. The actual consistency is probably the reason I couldn't make it work for me after all was said and done. It is super thick, hence the awesome coverage, but  it is my belief that it was also the cause of the horrible creasing I experienced. With that kind of pricetag on it, I felt I would have gotten my moneys worth had it not creased up on me like it did.

A detail that sets it apart from all other concealers of it's kind, is the wand and doe foot style applicator. The wand itself is super long and the actual applicator tip has flat, wide sides to it, making it quite easy to apply the product. 

Applied in a triangle shape to highlight and brighten

After blending it into place. In this image it was worn for a couple of hours already and you can certainly see the early stages of crease marks. In just an hour or so, the creasing would be far worse all throughout that triangle area!

 Do you own this concealer already? If so does it work for you? If you do not yet have it, do you think you will purchase it. The only reason I would warn hesitancy is if you have a creasing problem like I do. Otherwise, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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